The New York International Auto Show 2019 drew curtains on 28th April 2019. The event always features some interesting new launches and some outlandish concepts; a combination of new automotive ideas, technological innovation, and exceptional concept cars. The Auto Show has been creating opportunities by bringing manufacturer and users together and yielding better business gains as well. This year, the 10-day extravagant auto show was home to some of the biggest US-market unveilings. It provided visitors a chance to see some of the latest European models for the first time. More than 1,000 of the latest new cars and truck were on display, all under one roof, at Jacob Javits Convention Center. Over one million visitors visited the show to see what is truly possible from the auto industry.


Launches this year

Jaguar is introducing new versions of the Land Rover Range Rover Velar and the Jaguar XE, promoting the new digs. The bonus for V.I.P. customers is an opportunity to meet industry and company insiders like revered designer Ian Callum.


The Kia Haba Niro concept, which hints at the next Niro due in 2021, got plenty of attention thanks to its butterfly wing doors and swanky looks. Alongside it was a bright orange Stinger GTS. It’s a special edition, limited to 800 units, for US only. It wouldn’t be that interesting but for its new “Drift” mode, a feature in an updated Stinger for Europe in a couple of years. These might have been the new reveals for Kia, but it’s still pushing its Telluride large SUV hard as it endeavors to establish itself as a credible SUV brand.

Another popular car, going by stand footfall, was the Genesis Mint Concept. Refreshingly not an SUV, this premium city car could make production in the next three to four years, reckons brand boss Manfred Fitzgerald. Genesis, which only established itself as a standalone brand from Hyundai in 2015, sees New York as a “second home”, having just opened a dealership and brand centre in the city. There’s also word that the brand is planning to launch in Europe next year. There’s potential there, but it’ll need to nail this tricky market far more effectively than rival Infiniti, which recently pulled out of the region.


Another reveal fitting for New York is the 911 Speedster. The original 356 Speedster, which remains the inspiration for all Speedsters since, was created at the request of New York dealer Max Hoffman – the sole importer for Porsche in the US at the time – who wanted a ‘stripped-down’ version of the 356 to sell on the West Coast. The new machines use the same 4.0-litre flat six as the current 911 GT3, albeit heavily modified with revised exhaust, fuel and injection systems.


Mercedes chose this week’s Shanghai motor show to reveal its GLB, which should quickly become a big seller. But there was still plenty of new metal saved for New York including the updated GLC63, plus the all-new CLA 35.

The big reveal was the new GLS. It only accounts for 1% of Mercedes sales in the UK but it’s a different story in the US, where it’s the segment leader. The car’s focus was even more comfort and luxury for rear passengers than its predecessor.


Nissan used the show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Z cars, with a great collection of heritage cars on the stand including Skylines and the Datsun 240Z. There were 50th anniversary editions of both the GT-R and 370Z.


There was plenty of more US-focused metal too, including the Hyundai Venue compact SUV – smaller than the Kona but not coming to Europe, a new Cadillac CT5 saloon, the latest Toyota Highlander and a US version of the Yaris, which is essentially a rebadged Mazda 2.


And while the launches were exciting, avid car enthusiasts are going to have a long wait to actually see these on the road!!!

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