India’s biggest automaker Maruti Suzuki has launched a new on-road assistance service for its customers through its Quick Response Team (QRT). This one-of-a-kind initiative by Maruti delegates 250 bikes across 251 cities, in addition to their already in place Maruti On-road Service (MoS) 4-wheeler support program. The company aims to have QRT presence in 500 cities by the year 2020.


Certified Technicians

The technicians in the QRT are trained and certified to solve up to 80-90% of the issues that can cause a car breakdown on the go; the most common being a flat tyre, battery issues, etc. They carry a toolbox equipped with essential tools and critical spares to resolve issues rightfully. Maruti also ensures the safety of these technicians by supplementing their gear with elbow guards, knee pads, gloves and helmets.


Latest Tracking Technology

Each QRT bike has a GPS installed in it that shows its current location along with the time that it will take to reach the complainant. Once a complaint is booked by a Maruti customer, a web based system identifies the closest QRT via GPS and assigns the complaint to him. The customer can then connect with the technician on phone and check his location to map the time he will take to reach. In case the car needs to be towed, the technician will facilitate this and the car will be towed to the closest Maruti service station.



Cost of QRT

The QRTs are functional 24×7 and this service comes ‘free of cost’ to the customers who have opted for extended warranty on their vehicles. Customers with vehicles that are out of warranty can also opt for this service by paying a nominal charge of Rs 420 – Rs 575 depending on the type of fault, the car model and the city.


The core value of this service innovation is ‘customer obsession’, and Maruti is confident that this QRT initiative will further help to increase customer confidence in the brand.


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