With the rapid increase in the use of cars as a mode of transport, it has become cumbersome to find a parking spot. And even if you do finally find one, it is tough to remember where the car is parked. “Where did I park my car?’ is a common refrain, no matter how old one is!

Coming as a saviour for all those with poor ‘parking memory’, Google maps (for Android and iOS) has a new option to locate your car. The App not only helps in finding the destination but also in remembering where the car is parked, reducing accumulated stress. The App uses GPS and mobile network to help us.

The steps to be followed are:

  1. After parking the car most of the time we are desperate to reach the destined place which is why we don’t remember exact spot where we parked. Here Google Maps comes handy in solving our problem. First open Google Maps and find out our present location (blue dot).
  2. After clicking on the dot, open the location options menu and click on “save your parking”. By doing this, a map pin will be placed in your latest location and then you can tag the parked car and put some notes if needed. Thus the car is parked and saved in the map.
  3. While checking where the car is check that the map pin is in right place. If necessary, zoom in and check the exact spot.
  4. The best part is Google Maps will provide a notification soon after storing all the information, on your phone, which you can use to quickly identify the parking place. Then clicking on the direction menu and just following it to find your car is probably the most soul satisfying thing you will do.

The automatic parking identification in Google Maps for iOS is done by connecting it with the car via Bluetooth or USB audio so that the parking slot will be automatically stored in the map even after exiting the car.

You can delete the old parking location the next time you park or change it to a newer one by clicking on the map pin.

You can set a timer for Google to remind you to get back to our car.

You could also take a picture of the car parking floor number or any other landmark and add it on the map to help you locate the car faster, especially in the case of multi-story car park.

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