If you’ve owned a car for a considerable period of time, there’s a high probability that you’ve been locked out of your vehicle at some point in time. And even if it hasn’t happened to you, one can never really discount the possibility of it happening, no matter how careful one is with their keys. Getting locked out of your own car is never a good feeling, especially if you’re stranded in the midst of nowhere. It can dampen your spirits in an instant and make you feel pretty helpless.

Vehicle security systems have gotten pretty advanced over the years, with the use of key fob becoming commonplace in the era of keyless ignition. However, a large number of cars still do continue to make use of car keys for locking, unlocking and turning the ignition. With keyless ignition, it is still possible to get locked out, in the event that your key fob accidentally falls out of your pocket. But a large number of locked out cases usually entail the driver inadvertently leaving the keys in the ignition.

Now, there are a number of car companies, Hyundai for example, that are working on developing digital keys for vehicles which can be downloaded through a mobile phone application and then make use of Near Field Communication (NFC) to unlock the door and start your car. But even this won’t work if you end up leaving your phone in the car as well, along with your car keys. So apart from being mindful of your car keys, there are few things had could help you get out of such a situation and back into your car.

Spare Keys always come in handy!

It is always prudent to keep a spare key on you, even if it is a temporary one that can get you access to the inside of your car. You can even keep the key hidden in your car, in one of those magnetic boxes that stick to the surface of your vehicle. Make sure that you keep it well hidden though, probably somewhere on the underside of your car. Also, ensure that it doesn’t fall off in the event that your car hits a bump. There are also a number of application based services that install remote keypad devices in your car so that you can unlock and even start your vehicle using just your smartphone.

Call for Help

If you have access to your phone or can borrow one from someone, you could even call for roadside assistance or your dealership to let them know that you’ve been locked out. Dealerships usually have temporary keys that can help you get inside the cabin. Be sure to inform them of the make and model of your vehicle over the phone, including your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can even contact the police if you feel that you’re stranded in an unsafe location or a towing service to help tow your car away to the nearest mechanic or dealership.

If it is an emergency and you have a baby or a pet locked inside, you might want to consider breaking the window down (always go for the side window and not the windshield since the latter one is laminated and more durable). Target the edge of the window using a sharp object like a rod or a stone and make sure that the impact is well away from the baby or the pet inside, so as to minimize or avoid any injury that could be caused by the resultant flying shards of glass.

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