The ceremonious handing over of the car keys of that shiny new car is a much-awaited moment. However, should you have bought a car in recent years; chances are that instead of a traditional insert-key, you would have received a different device, based on the keyless entry system.


Thanks to technology advancements, the keyless entry, by definition, allows the driver to open, lock or start the car through radio signals transmitted through a key fob. Obviously, the key fob needs to be in range, on the driver’s person for it to work. Some of the advantages of using the keyless entry system are



No more, do you have to fumble around or juggle with inserting your key and a handful of groceries or children. With a key fob, the brush of a hand will open doors, the wave of a foot under the rear bumper will lift boot lids, and pushing the ignition button will start your drive.


Better Security

The latest systems require a unique code for unlocking the car, making it harder to steal. The system involves electronic key fob recognition through a specific code authorization.  Only if the car computer finds that particular code, will the vehicle be unlocked or started. Certain car brands use computer-encrypted microchips in their keyless system enhancing the security layers further.


Automatic Locking

Although, locking your car should come as second nature, very often, that niggling thought “have I locked the car?” does make you walk back just to be sure. Now, the keyless system saves you that trouble, because after the car is parked and you have walked a certain distance away, the car automatically locks itself. However, should you leave, forgetting the key fob in the car, the vehicle will stay unlocked. This of course ensures that you are not locked out of your car.

However no technology is perfect and this user-friendly, sophisticated tool does raise certain concerns for the industry, as listed below.


Cost of Replacement

Replacing a lost fob costs much more than a traditional key. Moreover, electronic components wear out over time, which then means replacement of either the key or system repair. This is a pretty hefty price to pay just to unlock your car.


Chances of theft

The layers of security in a keyless system are strong, but hackers are constantly developing newer ways to steal cars. Key programming tools are easily available both online and off, and in the wrong hands, one could reprogram a blank fob to your car’s transponder, thus compromising security.


Neglecting to ‘turn-off’ the car

Cars are fitted with warning mechanisms, but even so, at times, they are parked with their engine still running. If the car does not have the safety feature to switch off automatically, the engine keeps running until it runs out of gas. Not only is this inconvenient, but could prove dangerous because of toxic fumes.


Finally, although keyless entry systems are convenient, car owners must be informed of its drawbacks, to enable them to make smart decisions, particularly regarding safety.


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