It’s almost time for the most colourful festival of the year – Holi. A day that is all about having fun with family and close friends and splattering colours and water on each other. A day of bringing out the best hues in all of us. The most common sight a day after Holi is colourful stains everywhere, along with multi-coloured heartburn when one sees the destruction colours have caused all around.

Be it your clothes, your home or that car parked outside that is now adorned with inappreciable abstract art forms. As a wise man said prevention is better than cure; there is still time for you to take precautions to at least avoid damages to your well-loved car. Here are some easy tips to protect your car this Holi.



If your car is staying home this Holi

Well, of course the simplest way of protecting your car this Holi is not using it on this day. So, if you are not taking the car out, then a closed garage or a separate shaded area is a good place to protect the car from undesirable splashes. In case it is parked in the open put a good body cover over from roof to the wheels to protect the car from colour.


If you plan to drive your car on the Holi-day


  1. A day before Holi, wash and clean the car with plain water and then apply a proper coat of wax polish. This will prevent colours from soaking into the top-coat of the paint. A Teflon coating is a better protection though expensive.
  2. If you are apprehensive that waxing is not enough, then for further protection, use a kitchen wrap or “cling film” over vulnerable areas, especially over the door handles, boot lid, bonnet and fenders.
  3. If your car gets colour stains even after applying a coat of wax, wash with a car shampoo or any mild shampoo to get rid of the obstinate stains.Liquid hand wash like Dettol and Lifebuoy are also good.


  1. Keep the windows closed to prevent colours from getting inside.
  2. Apply wax on the dashboard and other plastic parts like the steering wheel, door panels, centre console and handbrake lever to make it easier to remove the stains with some shampoo and a cleaning brush or wet cloth.
  3. Large size polythene bags or plastics measured and cut according to the required size, old sheets and towels can be used to cover the seats, dashboard, boot, etc. You can also use towels to cover the seats and their back rests.
  4. Interior door handles, the steering wheel, gear knob, power window switches, the infotainment system and every possible attachment can be wrapped in cling film or food wrap to prevent colour from getting into it.
  5. Different seat upholstery will have to be treated differently. If the car has leather upholstery, a coat of leather cleaner can be applied and then covered with newspaper or large plastic covers.
  6. Wearing rubber slippers can be good as they can be washed before entering into the car.
  7. Carrying spare clothes and towel is extremely important to prevent the interior from getting spoilt.

Now that you know how to take care of your car this Holi, go ahead and have a blast!!!!


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