Have you been dreaming about a car which would turn on the a/c in advance while you are walking to the parking lot, especially on hot summer days? Or prevent carjacking or theft by immobilising the car remotely? Or maybe warn you if you are not driving well?

Jio Car Connect, the latest technology offering from Reliance Jio Infocomm, comes as an answer to all those fantasizing about a car with superpower, without costing as much.



What is it?


In a technology-mad world, where everything is going the digital way, Reliance Jio Infocomm’s foray into automobile telematics is a natural progression. It has partnered with America’s AirWire Technologies to bring Airwire’s connected car IoT (Internet of Things) to Indian cars.

This exclusive product seamlessly interlinks an array of connected apps and services including wi-fi hotspots, music, television, location based apps and adds an additional layer of safety and security.


What does it do?


Owning, driving, maintaining and securing the vehicle, i.e., total control over the car, is now possible through the device via a mobile app. It provides alerts about the vehicle not being locked properly, movement of the vehicle in a geographical area,  style of driving, handling of the car, speeding  or driving over limits, information about fuel, oil status, water levels,  battery  and much more. All on your smartphone. The device also makes the whole vehicle wi-fi enabled, allowing on board diagnostics and performance parameter analysis for better driving experience. And of course, one can enjoy all wi-fi hotspot features such as music, television, movies, games and free calls through Jio apps.  Could life get any better?


The Jio car connect app has been developed internally by the company. A dongle with a Jio SIM attaches to the on board diagnostic (OBD – II) port of a car with Jio providing the connectivity through its 4G LTE network. The device, which will be manufactured in India, can also be set to give information about tyre pressure, oil status and battery change, driving aspects such speed limits, location based data and so on.  All data automatically uploads and is stored on the cloud, making retrieval or transfer and analysis easy. Sharing vehicle information, safety and security alerts, tips for better driving are some of its other features geared to make a superior, enhanced and unique driving experience.


The device is compatible with all the recent cars manufactured after 2013. At a probable price of Rs 2,000 only, the Jio Car Connect launch is eagerly awaited, by car owners and tech enthusiasts alike.



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