Our cars are our second homes, an extension of who we are and what we want to be. Be it the brand, the colour or the features – we choose our cars with a lot of care. So, for those looking at contributing to a greener planet, a safe, smart and stylish car that is also hybrid would be the ultimate dream come true.

What is Smart Hybrid Technology – Hybrid vehicles are generally a combination of two or more sources of energy, such as battery and fuel. A smart hybrid is an innovative mild-hybrid technology where ISG and advanced dual-battery systems are used jointly – both in manual and automatic transmission. Pioneered by Maruti in India, this segment targets to captivate the mass market and help reduce vehicular pollution.

Components and Features – The Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) is the main component that helps in starting the engine and adding to its power. It shifts the energy during braking and conserves in dual battery setup which is later used for restarting, powering the ancillary system and torque assist.

The dual-battery setup of this technology includes a lead acid and a lithium-ion battery, enhancing efficiency and application of the smart hybrid technology making it exclusive.

Torque Assist is responsible for boosting the fuel efficiency and reducing emissions by lessening the load on the engine. It does so by using the accumulated energy from the battery to augment the engine’s power in need.

The automatic Start/Stop function helps in shutting off the engine of a standstill car and restarts quickly and silently when the clutch is used resulting in fuel saving and powerful performance.

Why should you choose a Smart Hybrid

With the environmental hazards we are facing in India, very soon mild hybrids are going to be the standard vehicle and our obvious choice as we look for a cleaner world for our future generation. At present, Maruti Ciaz, Ertiga, S-Cross, Baleno and XL6 are available with this technology. As the demand for smart hybrid cars goes up, more and more manufacturers will be launching similar models, and at that point investing in this is going to be an obvious choice!

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