No matter what we buy, we always look for products that give us the most within our targeted budget. Now be it colour options, quality, durability or the finish of the product, we always look for that extra bit which makes our purchase a little better as compared to others. So how do we really know which apple is rotten and which one’s genuinely fresh? This is when we need an authentic report that tells us all about the product in detail.



Since buying a car is a big investment, being a little more cautious makes a lot of sense. Whenever we decide to purchase a second-hand car, our biggest concern is value for money and quality. This is where Truescore helps us in ensuring we make the right choice. Truebil has come up with our own car inspection report known as Truescore that helps us review each car based on the interior, exterior, engine, road test and tyre condition of each car.




When you shell out your hard earned money, you would definitely want to go for the best pre-owned car in the market with the features of your choice. Our expert engineers derive the Truescore of each car after a detailed inspection. With a max score of 5, each car is rated on the basis of several parameters. For e.g. a car with a high Truescore of say, 4.9 would be in excellent condition while one with a score of say 2.5 would be in a very average condition. Apart from the score a clear mention of the pros and cons are made in the inspection report to help a consumer at every step of decision-making. The age, mileage, number of previous owners, exterior, interiors and post-purchase cost burden give a clear and holistic knowledge of the car that you are contemplating on buying.



We strive to help each customer in getting the right car, by ensuring a transparent and user-friendly process that involves zero hassles. Keeping the problems of the consumers in mind, we have designed this particular feature to give our buyers:

  • Full information of the cars that they’re planning to buy
  • The power to avoid a middle-man
  • An honest review of the car they are buying or selling to determine the exact value it.
  • Get complete value for their money when they make a purchase with us

Our endeavor is to ensure every car owner or buyer is equipped with the right information so they make the right decision each time. So the next time you’re looking for a car ensure you make the most of Truebil’s TrueScore feature.

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