In a country as vast as India, the chances of a person buying a car in a particular state and using it in another state are very high. Be it job transfers or new jobs, people move from one state to another. And take along their cars. Subsequently, they might want to sell their cars to buy new ones. The process for selling such cars (inter-state) is quite different from the regular intra-state process.

For those of you who want to sell an intra-state car, here is a brief outline on the steps to be followed.

  1. Fill up the CMV 28 form and apply for an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state where the vehicle has been originally registered. This form is needed to transfer the vehicle to another state and has to be submitted by the owner in person.
  2. Once the RTO receives a request for the NOC, they are mandated to call the Police of the new state to cross verify if the vehicle has been used for illegal or criminal activities. They also ensure that no penalties are due.
  3. The NOC will be available anywhere between 2-5 weeks of applying for the same. Once it is obtained, it has to be produced at the RTO of the state where the vehicle has to be transferred.
  4. Fill up form CMV 29 and submit to the original RTO; this is needed for selling the car.
  5. The owner has to pay any difference in the tax amount, if needed, and apply for a new registration certificate. The vehicle can be sold only after the new registration number is available.
  6. It may take 4-6 months before the process of documentation can be completed in the new state for re-registration. This time frame varies from state to state and also depends on the rush for registration of vehicles in that particular state. For instance, in a place like Mumbai where a lot more vehicles are registered, the process may be longer than a smaller town or city.


Once all these formalities are completed, the sale of the car is pretty much similar to the sale of any car that belongs to the home state. But it would be prudent to check and re-check all documents to see everything is in order so that the sale is a smooth process and does not give rise to unnecessary stress and tension.

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