We love traveling with our furry pets, and they love travelling with us too; however, there are some basic precautions and adjustments you must make to your car and your traveling style to make sure your best friend has a happy and comfortable trip.


  1. Make sure your car is the correct fit for your pet

For small cats and dogs, most cars would be alright for them to travel in as they can have space to move around to find positions that are most comfortable for them. However, make sure that the car isn’t too big either, because they could run around or get hurt when the car makes sudden movements. For bigger dogs it’s easier and more comfortable for them if you have a bigger car where they can fit in comfortably instead of having to be squashed into one spot. Never let a dog travel in the front seat; they should always be kept in the back seat.

  1. Setting up a dog friendly space in the back

If your dog is skittish and can’t handle car rides, consider getting a crash proof crate for him or her. These crates are designed for cars, and restrain them from moving around and stop them from getting hurt when the car makes sudden movements like swerving or braking. Make sure you buy a crate that is the correct size for your dog. If it is too small, they will be uncomfortable from the lack of space, but if it is too large they will slam into the sides and possibly get hurt if the car makes sudden moves. Secure the crate with a seatbelt for minimum movement.

  1. Take precautions to keep your seats clean

If your pet isn’t used to car rides, long or short, they may panic and forget their training, and make a mess on your seats. This is normal and can be fixed, but first, you have be prepared to protect your seats. Doggy seat covers are available, such that these covers can just be stripped off and washed, leaving your car seat protected. Some dogs have a habit of slobbering all over the car, and that will need to be cleaned up regularly. The doggy seat covers also help when the dog accidentally claws the seat and tears the fabric.

  1. Always remember to turn off power windows

Power windows are the ones that just require a button to open or close them. These are not at all safe when a pet is involved. They may get overexcited and accidentally step on the button causing the window to open or close. While this doesn’t sound too bad, hyper pets may jump out of the window if they get too excited, which can be extremely dangerous. Some dogs like to stick their heads out of the window, and accidentally may step on the button, causing the window to close and instantly choke them.

  1. Your pet’s happiness and comfort is the most important

Always remember that the most important thing is ensuring your pets’ comfort and safety. If your pet is not used to riding in cars, or gets scared by them easily, you can train and condition them to believe that the car is a place they can relax. Always remember to take them for a walk before going for a ride in a car, so that they don’t have the urge to make a mess while on the road. Most importantly, animals get really thirsty, especially if they’re stressed. Always remember to carry along their food and water bowl. If you’re going to be driving for a very long time, take a break every 3-4 hours and let them out to stretch their legs.


And that’s it, really! Now you can travel with your pets to your heart’s content and make sure everyone has fun.

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