With the growing demand for used cars in the country, there has been a spurt in the number of dealers offering used cars. A slew of online marketplaces dealing solely with automobiles have come up, giving a tough fight to the traditional old-time garages and used car dealers who have been in existence for a long time.


These online used car marketplaces make it easier for you to buy second hand automobiles as they allow you to choose from a variety of used and refurbished cars based on a number of parameters – brand, model, body type, fuel type and price. And with the advent of smartphones and easy internet access, these marketplaces have made used cars accessible and affordable to customers across the country.


However, as with any other industry that depends solely on the digital medium, it’s important to note that not all online marketplaces are safe and reliable. Here are out expert’s tips on the factors you need to keep in mind before buying that dream car online!


Is the dealer credible and trustworthy?

While there are a whole lot of online used car marketplaces, not all are reliable. Pick a site like Truebil.com which is reliable and has a good online and offline reputation. Check its payment mechanism and service warranty to understand if you can rely on it. Also go through online reviews and feedback before you decide on the particular marketplace you want to opt for.


Does the dealer do a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of the car?

Most online dealers provide customers with the information required to evaluate the condition of a used car without physical inspection. You can check the inspection report, features, and pictures posted on the dealer’s website to know the exact condition of a used car. Also, some online dealers make it easier for you to evaluate the quality of used cars by certifying the vehicles and assigning quality score.  Truescore is one such example.


Does the dealer provide warranty?

Many online used car dealers nowadays provide warranty servicing. It’s wiser to opt for these dealers as you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.



Access Ownership History of the Car

Many auto buyers feel sceptical about online car dealers due to ownership problems. There are always chances that you may buy a stolen or written off car over the internet. But there are a number of registered dealers who allow you to access the ownership history of used cars. They even provide paper transfer services to make you own the used car without any hassle.


One of the most popular used car marketplaces, Truebil allows you to choose from a range of used and refurbished cars according to your precise needs and budget. Also, it mitigates most of the risks associated with buying used cars online by providing inspection report, quality score, emergency roadside assistance, warranty servicing, and paper transfer. So go ahead, buy that dream machine today!!

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