The monsoon season does make the world look as if it has just come out from the laundry – fresh and rejuvenated. But the rains are also the reason for stretches of miserable potholed roads, making driving around a nightmare.


The process is initiated when the soil beneath the concrete is weakened by continuous rains or stagnant water. Gradually, cracks develop on the surface which widen when vehicles drive over them repeatedly, finally leading to deadly potholes.


Effect on vehicles


Potholes can adversely affect the safety of your car. When you are driving along unaware of the potholes ahead, there is every chance of an accident and severe injury to both the car and you. And the deeper the pothole, the more severe is the damage.

  • The impact is mostly on the suspension of the car, which may result in the misalignment of the steering wheel, causing the car to keep pulling to the sides while driving. The ball joints of the car are also shaken up and it might make the drive unpleasant in more ways than one. To sum it up, the whole impact can make the car noisy, jerky and you will end up with an uncontrollable steering.
  • A lot of premium cars with low ground clearance face the brunt too. The undercarriage of the car often hits the elevated parts of the pothole causing leakage to the fluid tank. An unattended leakage, however small, can lead to rusting of the nearby areas and thus a permanent damage.
  • When the impact is more, the tyres bear the damages with either a crack to the rim or a tear. When the rim cracks, the seal between the rim and tyre loosens causing air leakage and a flat tire. The other signs of damage can be identified by slight bumps or blisters on the side walls of the tyres.
  • The exhaust pipes also face the consequences and you can notice the crisis by keeping an ear out for a roar or unusual sounds from the exhaust system.

Better to be Safer than Sorry


Source : India Today


If you want to keep your car safe through the season, then the only way is to keep an eye out for potholes, drive carefully and avoid speeding. While it is almost impossible to avoid potholes completely, it is important to follow the basic guidelines of safe driving, especially during and post the rainy season. It is imperative to make sure that the headlights, the wipers and the windshield of the car are in working and spotless condition. It is also important to go back to basic driving lessons and remember to keep safe distance from the car ahead of you. Be additionally cautious on graveled roads as they are the worst affected. Drive slowly during the nights to avoid a surprise pothole ahead. Maintain accurate tire pressure at all times. If there is an unavoidable pothole, remember to slow down , brake well ahead of it, hold your steering firmly and slowly drive straight over it. Remain in control of the car and your life. Safe travels!

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