With the multitude of cars available in the market, the growth in disposable income, and the ease of availing financing for buying cars, the automotive sector is going through an upswing. However, considering the fact that a car depreciates by 20-25% of its value the moment you buy it, many people theses days prefer to buy used cars rather than new ones. Especially if the car they buy is evaluated and certified by a competent authority.


Truebil is one of the premier sites offering this service of inspecting and verifying each and every  car listed on it. For all those who use our services, it is important to understand what the actual process entails – how we actually go about inspecting, verifying and listing each car on the Truebil portal.


The life cycle of a Truebil-certified car:

1. Every day, Truebil receives dozens of requests from sellers interested in listing their cars on the website. All such requests are handled by designated car experts. All requests received by us are segregated into groups and each group of requests is allotted to a car expert.  The car expert schedules appointments to visit and inspect all the cars on his list.


2. During the inspection, the expert clicks more than 40 photographs of the car to cover 360 degree view of the car, all salient features of the car and any dents/scratches etc. He then inspects every aspect of the car in detail, and takes it for a test drive.


3. Post-inspection, the car expert prepares a comprehensive inspection report of each car. Comprising of 150 checkpoints, this inspection report is the most critical aspect of the verification process. Only cars that pass the inspection can be listed on the website. Truebil has a policy of accepting only non-accidental cars manufactured after 2005.


4. All cars that pass the inspection are given a ‘Truescore’; the Truescore is a metric used to judge the overall quality of the car and compare different cars.  Calculated based on an algorithm, it takes into account parameters like distance driven, year of manufacturing, number of owners, physical condition of the car, etc. The higher the Truescore, the more credible it is.


5. The car expert also calculates an estimated value of the car based on certain parameters. Once this is done, he contacts the seller to inform him of the car’s estimate and Truescore. If the seller agrees with Truebil’s estimate, the car is deemed fit to be listed on the website.


6. The car expert informs the back-office team and a detailed description of the car, along with all the pictures taken by the car expert, is posted on the website for viewers to browse through and choose.


Normally, it takes between 1-3 working days to evaluate and process the data before a car is either rejected or listed on the Truebil website.  Update is given to the seller through an SMS who can then view the details of his car on the website.


All the effort Truebil puts into inspection of a car is aimed at making the entire used car marketplace a lot more convenient. A one-stop solution to simplify the car trading process – that is the Truebil promise.



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