At Truebil, we believe that the perfect amalgamation of technology and operation bridge the gap between where an organization is to where it eventually wants to be. With everything we do, we make sure that this is the core of the process. Let me take you through how agile methodology catalyzes our operation and sales processes.

If one explores the used car market, he/she would realize the entire process of shortlisting, inspection, test drive, and legal proceedings is way too much for a busy young professional. The lack of a one-stop solution for used cars market makes our presence all the more important. To ensure these services seamlessly at scale, we fill the challenging operational gaps with technical advancements. We deal from sellers to buyers, through dealers to individuals from web-platforms to auctions, that too online and offline, which makes us an omnichannel used car dealer company.

While buying a car from seller or individual – procurement cycle follows proper inspection of a used car. This inspection report covers nearly 150 checkpoints which are captured through another in-house developed inspection application which varies at procuring individual’s car versus dealer’s car level, wherein for the dealer, inspection is comparably lighter than the individual’s car which covers full inspection report.

At Truebil, a user journey mostly starts with web app interaction. During the web journey, customer-specific cars recommendation is fetched through machine learning depending on customers’ attribution and interactions. After one shows interest in our products, i.e. cars and services, we provide the best selling/buying experience to him/her.

The shortlisted cars can both be booked and rescheduled for the visit. Other features such as car loan, paper transfer, and other RSA services can be explored within the site itself. Even during the customer visit, we use in-house developed Sales CRM (customer relationship management) application to feed the response or details of the deal values. Customer also gets to see a curated assortment of cars on the app. The call team ensures that they help the customer at each part of the process.

Further contributing to our goal of inclusive growth with our business partners at scale, we have perfectly simulated the offline auction of cars, with a mobile app, which is growing across the three cities with Mumbai having nearly 130-140 active online dealers. This too is an in-house developed auction app, live on play store as truebil for business.

Truebil follows an agile framework for its technical developments. Generally, a sprint system is followed by 1-week as the sprint cycle duration. A typical sprint starts with requirement gathering, analysis of existing enhancements, bug resolutions, and pending tasks from previous sprints. Unlike most of the corporates who use Jira, and Confluence for agile, we use Trello and slack for task assignment with dependency mapping and internal communication.

Each developer depending upon their competencies are assigned relevant tasks from the frontend, backend, android, etc. where relevant reviewers and testers are assigned with coordination between the product manager and the senior tech developer. Associated labels are assigned to segregate the tasks based on the tech stack. Boards and lists are maintained to segregate each task based on its progress, for eg. a typical card originates in projects board and moves to development board based on prioritization, wherein it follows a journey from ‘sprint next’ list up to ‘ready for deployment’.

Parallelly, critical tasks are handled on-fly to address operational challenges and bugs. These require immediate task assignments and quick code review. By the end of the sprint, product managers follow up on the progress in addition to daily stand-ups (commonly called scrum meetings), where dependencies are unblocked with quick and crisp discussions. 

All-in-all, we focus on each detail in the process and work on it to make lives easier for both the teams and the customers.

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