For those of us driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic every day in our manual transmission cars, old age comes early. Knee pain, leg pain, back pain… it all comes long before it should. And hence, time to rejoice for die-hard Datsun fans… the redi-GO AMT is here, providing a cheaper alternative to fully automatic transmission cars.


What does it look like?

On the outside, there is nothing much to set it apart from the manual redi-GO. So, you have to get in to see the difference.

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Besides the AMT-specific changes that also include a gear position indicator, there are some minor changes in this variant of the redi-GO. The high-quality Bluetooth-enabled music system with hands free calling takes the car a notch higher than its contemporaries. The all-black cabin looks stylish. And the central locking system with remote key adds a touch of luxury. The roomy cabin and best-in-class ground clearance make it a highly satisfying car to sit in.


How does it feel to drive it?

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The 5-speed AMT makes it a pleasure to drive this car. With dual driving mode and rush hour mode, the car enhances the experience of driving a small car on Indian roads. The first one allows one to switch between automated and manual mode and the second mode provides a low cruising speed to help drive on congested city roads as well as to park the car. The engine is powerful enough so you can drive with equal ease on city roads as well as highways. The steering is superlative, ensuring smooth U-turns.


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At a price of less than Rs 4 lakhs (ex-showroom), the redi-GO 2018 AMT is a good buy for those looking at a small car for their daily commute. Available in 5 colour options, stylish, efficient and safe, it ticks all the right boxes. Now it’s a matter of wait-and-watch for the Japanese carmaker to see if it has understood its Indian customers well.

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