Imagine a world where we can just jump into a car and instruct it to take us to our destination safely, with almost no human effort. Thanks to autonomous technology, this is not fiction anymore. The automobile industry has been at the forefront of the autonomous revolution, aiming to transform the way we commute. Ford and Tesla are determined to have maximum driverless cars on the roads by 2021.  While a lot has been written about autonomous cars, here are some interesting facts you may not be aware of:  

1. World will witness annual sale of 33 Million Autonomous cars by 2040 – IHS Markit research predicts that by 2040, more than 33 million driverless cars would be sold annually. In other words, 26% of new models from every segment will be autonomous. And like always, we will watch The United States marching ahead, followed by Europe and China. Research shows that the U.S. market will have around 51,000 such cars by 2021.

 2. Life savers – These cars are expected to help in saving lives and are anticipated as much more secure and safer than regular cars, with an expected curtailment of vehicle fatalities by about 90-94%. This translates to almost 30,000 human lives saved annually in the U.S. only, and approximately millions of lives worldwide. The sooner they start operating on the roads, the quicker they understand roads, traffic conditions and human behaviour, leading to prediction and prevention of accidents.

 3. Money minting industry – Driverless cars will build and boost a market worth 7 trillion dollars by 2050, as per auto industry experts. One of the important contributing factors for the growth of autonomous car in the U.S. is autonomous delivery services. Amazon and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are planning to utilize self-driven cars to supply their goods and packages as they are economical and faster. Encouraged by this, technology companies have decided to furnish popular brands with platforms and software that are required to introduce more driverless fleets in order to get more delivery machines into the market.

4. Autonomous ride sharing services– Waymo in U.S. already has a self-driven ride sharing facility in Arizona, allowing a selected few to avail rides through an app. It’s planning to expand it to California. This adventurous ride includes backup safety drivers in the car for any emergency. Lyft and Aptiv covered 50,000 rides in Las Vegas with excited passengers who cheered for them and wanted to have more in future.

Though it’s a long time before we in India could see these autonomous cars on our roads, thanks to our chaotic traffic conditions, it would be incredible to see these actually on our bustling city roads! With no drivers, there would be no traffic violations, no road rage and fewer accidents!

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