Drive a vintage car down the road and what do you get? Looks of awe, wistful stares, and above all, curious enquiries about the make and model of the car. Well, vintage cars or classic cars as they are also known as, are certainly always ‘a neighbour’s envy and an owner’s pride’. They were made at a time when designers were able to flaunt their creative skills and were not burdened by unromantic factors like aerodynamic drag coefficients, torque, power-to-weight ratio, etc. They could just allow their pencils to flow on paper to create the most attractive and trendy designs possible. These classic cars of yesteryears were a work of delicate craftsmanship complemented by years of experience. And car connoisseurs were eager to welcome these beauties home.

Decades later, we are still enamoured by these vintage cars, but unfortunately they don’t make them like that anymore. Today, the emphasis is to mass produce machines manipulated by artificial intelligence with intentions of meeting targets laid down by car manufacturers to maximise efficiency. However, the new cars of today are much safer than these machines of yore, with high fuel efficiency and robust designs. Yet, what lures car buffs to the vintage space despite knowing that these cars are nothing but a white elephant?


Nostalgia – Most of these vintage cars have scripted history together with their owners. Some have been part of life’s most important events like races and competitions, while others have simply stood strong through thick and thin of life. These memories have carved indelible prints in the minds of their proud owners and they find it impossible to part with one of their lives’ most trusted partners.


Individualism – It’s much easier to buy a new car today but there are very few people who have still held on to their classic possessions. This is because these cars are no more in production, and no amount of money will be able to buy you one of these classics. These are heirlooms, meant to be proudly showcased to the rest of the world.


Exclusivity – Owners of these vintage cars find great pleasure in participating in classic car rallies and car shows. It not only shows off their impeccable taste but also adds mystique to their persona. For them, their cars are a definition of timelessness. Their proud possessions have transcended time and are all set to be handed over to the next generation, with a life beyond theirs.


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Some of these universal and timeless wonders which have overwhelmed car aficionados since long are the Buick Limited Convertible from the fabulous Fifties, the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, again from the Fifties, the Chevrolet Chevelle LS-6 from the Seventies, the Chrysler C-300 Coupe, dating back to the Fifties again, the Ford Shelby Mustang from the Sixties, and many more. These cars are still a hit with their owners and personify style, exclusivity and immortality. And they will continue to occupy pride of place in their owners’ hearts forever.



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