India’s first and only contactless fuel management and payment solution, FASTLANE – is a combined effort of Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) and AGS Transact Technologies.


Ensuring right quality and quantity of fuel in the vehicle without the need to wait in a queue, it also adds to the convenience by avoiding the use of cash, card or any paper transaction. Drive-in, Fuel up and Drive-out is what FASTLANE is all about. Introduced in 18 petrol pumps in Mumbai, HPCL has plans to expand this facility in as many petrol pumps as possible.


HOW IT WORKS                                                                                                                                                      

  1. The system needs an RFID chip, fitted inside the inlet of the fuel tank, which is required to tag the car, whereas the fuel-dispensing nozzle will be placed with a chip reader.
  2. The communication between the customer and petrol pump is through a mobile application which includes a prepaid amount.
  3. The app needs to be downloaded from Apple app store or Google play store.
  4. The customer recharges the app with the amount needed for the fuel she needs to fill.
  5. The RFID reader identifies the tagged car and gets detailed information; then fills in the specified quantity and type of fuel. The payment for the fuel is automatically deducted from the prepaid amount.

The RFID reader is the only investment required as most fuel outlets are automated with a forecourt controller dealing with the fuel dispensers which is also integrated with the billing.


  1. It helps in reducing any chance of billing fraud as the billing is automated.
  2. It also collects the odometer reading of the car and helps in tracking fuel expenses.
  3. The time required for filling up the car is expected to be reduced.
  4. Car owners will not have to worry about their drivers doing any mischief.
  5. Only the right fuel is dispensed into the vehicle’s tank.
  6. Assures cash back on each transaction.
  7. As the vehicle’s details are read by the nozzle, there is no chance of any confusion between petrol or diesel or high-octane fuels for special vehicles.

Hopefully, HPCL will soon bring this facility to fuel stations across the country so more and more people can benefit from it!

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