Driving for an extended period of time, whether you’re out on an odyssey or just stuck for long hours in traffic, can tend to get quite weary, especially if you’ve no one to keep you company. It must probably have been such boredom that inspired the invention of the car stereo. And while the concept of in-car entertainment was initially limited to providing music and radio facilities to those inside the cabin, it has now broadened its horizons to include functionalities such as car telematics, hands-free calling and even remote diagnostics.


These days, it would be hard to find a car that isn’t fitted with an entertainment system. However, even with the extent to which contemporary OEM (original equipment manufacturer) stereo systems have improved, most people still prefer getting new customised ones (or at least consider the idea). With the plethora of options available out there in the market though, choosing the right kind of entertainment system for your vehicle can turn out to be quite the tricky job. So as to help you make an informed choice, here are a few details (sort of a checklist) about the functionalities that modern-day car stereo s can provide you with.

Choice of Build

Car stereos are available in a variety of builds- Single DIN (DIN is an ISO size standardization for the unit), Double DIN and OEM replacements. Single DIN units are 7 inches wide and 2 inches in height and their relatively small size is also the very reason that they’re the most widely used factory standard in vehicles. Double DIN units, although just as wide as the Single DIN ones, are twice as high, allowing for more room in the event that a touchscreen interface (imagine all the beautiful graphics that you could have on your system’s display!) is desired. OEM replacements, on the other hand, do not come in any standard size and are customizable according to the requirements of the buyer, which is also why they’re the most coveted ones in the market.

Connecting to the World of Entertainment!

Modern-day stereo systems come with a wide variety of connection options, ranging from USB ports, audio/video outputs and even Bluetooth to provide you with wireless connectivity. With most of the systems in the market today, you can manage your entertainment system using a remote or even through voice controls. They also come fitted with the ability to support content from your Android and iOS devices, and with the added functionality of online streaming services like Spotify and Pandora being made available, we can’t really imagine you ever again going through a single moment of boredom whilst driving.

A Few Other Considerations

Apart from all the factors mentioned till now, before you narrow down on your choice of the entertainment system, there are few easy and uncomplicated things that you need to pay heed to as well. For example, opting for a system with a higher watt per channel specification ensures that your head unit can provide enough power to your speakers, eliminating the necessity of an amplifier. Also, quite a few entertainment systems these days come with anti-theft security codes that prevent the thief from gaining unauthorized access to your system. You might not necessarily be able to get it back, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction that the person who stole it won’t get to use it either.

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