Rising pollution levels across the world is a major topic of discussion today. Environmentalists are rallying to increase awareness about this menace so that we can hand over a cleaner world to the next generation. One of the main culprits in contaminating the environment and adding to the pollution level is toxic emissions from automobiles.


Since it is impossible to think of life without cars anymore, we need to find out ways and means of ensuring that our vehicles add the least possible toxicity to the environment. Here are some simple ways to do that.


Ensure regular servicing of car – People who love their cars will always take good care of them. This involves getting the car serviced regularly to keep it in top condition. Servicing of a car includes checking the engine performance, engine timing and fuel cap; inspecting and replacing if necessary – the cables and spark plugs, fuel and air filters, and engine oil, on a regular basis. When there are no maintenance issues in the car, the fuel efficiency increases considerably and toxic emissions are reduced to a minimum.


Avoid engine idling – Many people are used to warming up their cars, especially in winter, and leave the engine idling for some minutes before they finally ride away. Warming up a car was necessary to some extent in the older carbureted cars, but the newer generation of cars has no need for it. Hence, engine idling should be totally avoided. It not only increases the carbon footprint but also reduces fuel efficiency.



Make proper use of AC – As much as we cannot do without the air conditioner, we also need to use it judiciously and only when necessary. It is a fact that the AC hurts the environment in a big way. It increases the engine load, thus increasing the fuel consumption. Hence, try to use it as less as possible, and use the air circulator instead. If using the AC is a must, then adjust the temperature to be comfortable, not cold.


Use eco-friendly cleaning products – Keeping the car clean is a necessity but the products used for cleaning can be environment friendly and biodegradable instead of chemical. It can be a good idea to park the car on a grassy surface while washing so that the runoff water can seep into the ground and not accumulate on the surface. If possible, use products which do not need water at all.


Keep the car light – Increasing the weight of the car by carrying unnecessary items can only lessen the fuel efficiency. Try not to load your car with sports equipment or baby accessories unless these are actually needed during the trip.


With fast depleting fossil fuels and constantly evolving car technologies, we are heading towards the day when toxic emissions from cars can be a myth. Electric cars are already in production and within a decade, the supporting infrastructure will be in place so that we can all own and maintain an electric car. And then, we can truly ensure that our cars don’t just bring down the pollution level, but don’t add to it at all. 

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