If you’re the proud owner of an automobile and also an enthusiast to an extent, there’s a good chance that you dote over your vehicle and pay attention to most of its needs. However, if your car is just a means for you to get from one place to the other, and not necessarily a part of your family, you probably won’t be in the habit of taking your car for regular maintenance checks. And there are quite a few car owners out there too who won’t provide their car with the requisite time and attention unless they have to wait long hours for the tow truck after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere that is. Well, it doesn’t really have to come to that now, does it?

Regular checks help keep your car in optimal working condition, which means that there’s a lesser chance that you’ll face any issues on the road, or even during any maintenance checks in the future. And since extreme weather can be quite forgiving when it comes to the health of your car, seasonal maintenance checks, especially before the onset of the summers, winters or the rains, is an excellent way of ensuring that your ride keeps running as slick as a whistle.

Here are a few things you need to look out for while putting your car through its seasonal maintenance check.

Oils, Fluids and Automotive Hoses

Checking the oils and other fluids in your vehicle should be a priority at all times. When it comes to maintenance checks, it becomes imperative that you do so in the summers since certain fluids such as the radiator fluid and the air conditioning coolant tend to become all the important while driving under the sun’s scorching influence.

Even the hoses, both coolant and heater, and accessory belts need to be regularly inspected in relatively extreme weather conditions since most of these are made out of flexible rubber compounds (so as to help absorb shocks and vibrations) and are more susceptible to damage in case of temperature fluctuations. Maintenance check during and post the winters seems prudent as well, especially since small animals often tend to nest themselves under the car’s hood to keep themselves warm and it’s quite probable that they might have knocked a few components around.


While it is true that most cars these days are equipped with all-season tyres, even these can turn a bit brittle in the winters, causing cracks or other kinds of damage to develop over time. Driving through potholes, which are increasingly seen during the rains, or over sharp objects could also further the wear and tear of your tyres. And since a tyre blowout could have pretty serious consequences, this is one car component that you need to keep checking regularly.

The Underbelly of your Car

The underbelly of your car is perhaps one of the most overlooked regions when it comes to maintenance checks. Most cars usually have anti-rust protection on them, but even that can get eroded over time on account of all the dirt, debris and grime that the underside of your car has to deal with. So we recommend that you give the underbelly of your car a good rinse from time to time (either in your garage or at a car wash), especially before the onset of summer.

Windows, Headlights and Fog Lamps

Most of the dust and debris that hits your vehicle while driving can leave your car’s windows and external lighting with quite a few scratches. The headlights and the fog lamps in your car tend to turn yellow and foggy with extended use as well. And while the difference in visibility might not be as noticeable under normal driving conditions, it will leave you wishing that you’d paid more attention to these components in the event that you have to drive through dense fog or heavy rains.

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