So you are happy and excited about the road trip that you’ve planned and have all road trip gears and gadgets sorted.


It is very natural to get carried away when you pack for a road trip because you may want to pack just about everything when you’re away from home! What happens in “we’ve got it all covered” packing routine is that you lose sight of how much weight the car can actually carry.


Yes! There’s a recommended weight carrying capacity that each car has including both passenger and cargo weight which shouldn’t be crossed especially during long road trips. This can not only cause damage to the vehicle but can also be equally dangerous for you to travel in a car that’s crushing with the weight!


The dangers of an overloaded car


  • Unstable Car: the extra weight makes the car unstable and it becomes difficult to steer the car around smoothly.
  • Lowers Vehicle Suspension: the weight reduces the car’s suspension and it won’t be able to match the highway speed limits resulting in a longer time taken for the travel.
  • Bulging Tyres: even if you try and push the pedal harder for the love of speed it’s going to be very dangerous as the loaded car would be putting the pressure on the tyres and they’ll bulge out due to the heat and weight. Worst case scenario – the tyres may blow out!
  • Delayed Braking: if the car is piled on with a lot of weight, the braking will be compromised and that means it increases the chances of a collision – big time!
  • No Insurance if you overload your car: As per the insurance company norms, it is illegal to overload your car and hence they don’t provide any cover for the damage caused due to the overloading of the car.
  • Untimely wear and tear: burdening the car lessens its life span and also increases the costs of repair and maintenance.
  • Finally, a heavy car would have higher fuel consumption.


How NOT to crush your car


  1. Know your car weight capacity: this is where you need to start from; know the recommended gross and net weight and then plan accordingly
  2. Travel light: pack smart! Divide your stuff into these 4 categories
  • Absolute essentials
  • Very much needed
  • Should carry along
  • Can do without
  1. Distribute the weight evenly: don’t overload the trunk with all the baggage. Divide it evenly across the car.
  2. Get a thorough car condition check done before getting started on a road trip: you’re doing yourself a huge favor by getting this done! Any faults, if at all, can be repaired before you get started. After all, prevention is better than cure.

And finally, care for your car at all times and get it serviced at regular intervals. There’s nothing that can make up for this. Happy travels!


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