The recently concluded Dubai International Motor Show (it was held from 12-16 November this year), also known as the Middle East International Motor Show, is an exhibition of magnanimous proportions held every two years in the Emirate of Dubai, where all the world’s top automobile manufacturers, tuning companies and others associated with the industry, congregate so as to exhibit their latest designs and concepts.

That isn’t all that is to the Motor Show though. It’s truly a mega event, featuring one of the biggest street meets across the world, car drifting and bike stunt shows, famous personalities from the sports world attending, and collections on display that include hypercars and classics. There are also a lot of fun activities to do for those attending, such as gaming arenas and a carpool karaoke competition that was held this year. The biggest draw, however, was the presentation ceremony of the Women’s World Car of the Year Awards which was hosted by the Dubai International Motor Show 2019.

Since 2009, these awards have celebrated the contribution of women to the automobile industry, both as part of the manufacturing and marketing process and as consumers. The cars that are nominated are judged from the point of view of how women take their car-buying decisions. This year, based on parameters such as safety, value-for-money, aesthetics, availability of storage space, child-friendliness, ease of driving, colour, sex appeal, and environmental footprint, the winners for various categories such as family car, urban car, and green car, amongst others, were decided.

The Holly Reich Dream Car award, in memory of a former panelist, went to the Porsche Taycan this year. This award is selected by the jury, based on their own personal preferences, a car that they themselves would love to own. The SUV-Crossover award was won by Range Rover Evoque while the Green Car award was bagged by the KIA Soul EV, beating the likes of Audi e-tron and the Tesla Model 3. The South Korean auto manufacturer also bagged the Urban Car award with its crossover coupé Xceed. The Performance Car award went to the Porsche 911 while the Luxury Car award was bagged by the BMW 8 Series. The Mazda 3, however, was the star attraction of the event, bagging the Supreme Car award (considered the most prestigious one) as well as the Family Car one.

The jury consisted of 41 experts on the auto industry brought together from 34 different countries across the world. The event also celebrated the contribution of women at the top echelons with the ‘Women of Worth’ award, a tradition only started last year. This year, the prize went to Linda Jackson, the CEO of the French auto manufacturer ‘Citroën’ which is also celebrating its 100th year of existence. Others in the running for the prize were racing driver and television presenter, the late Jessi Combs, and Mary Barra, CEO and Chairman of the American multinational ‘General Motors’.

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