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How agile methodology backs operations and sales at Truebil

At Truebil, we believe that the perfect amalgamation of technology and operation bridge the gap between where an organization is to where it eventually wants to be. With everything we do, we make sure that this is the core of the process. Let me take you through how agile methodology catalyzes our operation and sales processes.

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What shifting to server-side rendering looks like!

Who are we?

Truebil is an online marketplace for certified used cars. It’s a one-stop solution that includes title transfer, insurance, loans, and service warranties. In a mobile-first market like India, we witness almost 95% of our 1.4 monthly active users experiencing Truebil through their smartphones. Thus we had no ambiguity of approach in taking a mobile-first course.

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Lost Memory? Find Your Car with Google Maps

With the rapid increase in the use of cars as a mode of transport, it has become cumbersome to find a parking spot. And even if you do finally find one, it is tough to remember where the car is parked. “Where did I park my car?’ is a common refrain, no matter how old one is!

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