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Wait for these new MPVs coming to India in 2018


Over the last few years, the average Indian car-buyer has been increasingly fascinated by MPVs. And this has come as a boon for MPV makers across the globe. One of the biggest automobile markets in the world and the topmost market with a high disposable income, India ranks high in the marketing and sales plans of all automobile majors. Hence no wonder that 2018 will see some big-ticket MPV launches. So, get ready to feast your eyes on this eye-popping list of new MPVs coming to India next year.

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Tempted to Exchange your car? Think Again!


Drive in an old car – drive out in a new one!!” sounds good. Sounds great, in fact! And hence, a few months ago, when I wanted to sell my four-year old car, I went to the dealer. There had been huge ads in the papers about the amazing prices and discounts. So I waltzed in, with grand visions of making a neat profit by exchanging my car.

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Do you really know your Tyres?

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How often do we actually look at the tyres of a car before buying it? Not too often, nor do we need to, actually. Because car manufacturers make it a point to ensure their cars are fitted with the tyre most suitable for it. However, a little background on tyres can be immensely useful when it’s time for you to change the tyres of your car, or when you are buying a used car and want to be sure that the car has the right tyres!

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Choose the Engine Oil Best for your Car


The importance of the right engine oil cannot be emphasized too much. In addition to preventing metal surfaces from colliding by creating a thin lubricating layer between them, engine oil also keeps the engine cool, prevents corrosion, and accelerates engine cleaning. The right engine oil can thus make a big difference to the health of your car as well as the quality of your ride. That is why it’s important to understand the types of engine oils available in the market and choose the one that’s perfect for your car.

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5 Amazing Road Trips from Delhi


As the saying goes, “The journey is more important than the destination”. Especially true for those who love going on long drives! Little quirky stops in between, tiny petrol pumps, a 3 AM snack, halting in the middle of nowhere to click a picture…escaping from monotony, road trips can be challenging and memorable.

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3 Indispensable Methods to Boost Ground Clearance


Ground clearance is probably the trickiest dimension of a vehicle. Too low and the passenger will feel every speed bump on the road, too high and the car will roll over at the slightest provocation! This parameter is crucial to passenger safety and comfort, yet is often ignored while purchasing a car.

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How does Tata Nano Electric compare with Mahindra E2O Plus?


Tata Motors is all set to launch an all-electric version of the Nano in India, in direct competition with the Mahindra E2O Plus. With the Mahindra E2O already having taken the lead, Tata Motors is, in all probability, looking to recover lost ground and improve on the dwindling sales of the Nano through an electric variant.

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