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How to drive safely through smog


Well, it’s that time of the year again! Yes, winter has taken over from autumn happily, and shall soon start manifesting itself in the form of fog in most parts of the world. Now when this seasonal spoilsport mingles with the forever persistent miscreants, better known as pollutants; it leads to reduced visibility and increased moisture up on the windscreens. The result is a dangerous driving scenario that has been claiming lives of urban mortals commuting on roads.

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7 Cars you can look forward to in the Indian Auto Expo 2018


Excitement is in the air ahead of the 14th edition of Auto Expo, the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest, scheduled for February 2018 in greater Noida India. Witnessing participation from around 20 countries, the auto show is all set to give you a glimpse into automakers’ plans for the Indian market in the next two years.  Introducing new concepts, announcing new models from their global line-up, showcasing facelifts and special editions …. auto majors are all set for this grand event. Giving you a sneak peek into the expo, here is a list of models that are expected to rule the marquee.

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Flying Taxis – The When and How


Life is so much more convenient today with the cab services becoming a reality all over the country. All you have to do is bring out your cell phone, hail a cab to the destination you want and the cab rolls down your street in a jiffy. But what if instead of a car, a flying taxi landed right outside your home? Seems too farfetched? Well, not any more.

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2017: The Advent of the Automotive Ultra-Modernity

2017 1

In this era of ceaseless innovation, no industry can afford to get comfortable with the conventions of the past. As the attention span of the everyday consumer grows shorter with time, the need to stay abreast of the competition grows even direr. The year 2017 has seen quite a few emerging trends in the automotive industry that have managed to awe the consumer and influence sales patterns. We have listed below for you, some of the most incredible and promising automotive trends of today.

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Get your car winter-ready


It’s that time of year again, when the warm woollies and comfy blankets are taken out of storage, to be aired and ready for winter. A similar prep for your car could make all the difference in the cold and blustery months ahead.  Problems like slow pick-up, misty windshields, and a freezing cabin can be avoided, if you prepare your car well in advance. Here’s a quick-to-do list to help you get started.

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Top 5 upcoming sub-compact SUVs in India

2017-Ford-Escape (1)

India is undoubtedly, a fast growing market for Sports Utility Vehicles, better known as SUVs. From the late 90s to now, SUVs have undergone a great transformation from being light mini trucks to light-weight, fuel-efficient, family vehicles with comfortable interiors and four- or all-wheel-drive capability.

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Volkswagen unveils a ‘Virtus’ car


After a sneak peek at the manufacturing facility, Volkswagen had the entire automotive industry buzzing with anticipation, with regards to the German automaker’s replacement for the Polo Sedan, also known as the Vento, in international markets. As part of Volkswagen’s new offensive strategy called Transform 2025+, developed principally for the Latin American markets, the new ‘Virtus’ compact sedan was launched in Sao Paulo in Brazil. This new strategic shift towards the Latin American markets will see 20 new models being launched by the end of the year 2020, 13 of them in Brazil itself with an investment of a whopping €1.8 billion.

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Best 6 Upcoming Petrol Cars under Rs 10 Lakhs


Expected to be world’s third largest market within the next three years, India’s automotive market is tempting car makers from across the globe. The result being new launches almost every fortnight! 2018 is expected to see a whole lot of high-profile launches of petrol cars. Here is our list of the best upcoming Petrol cars under Rs 10 lakhs.

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All you need to know about ETC Tags


India is a vast nation with a wide network of roads and this huge network has improved drastically over the last few years, thanks to the sustained emphasis on infrastructure. Considering the high cost of constructing and maintaining these roads, a pre-determined toll tax is collected on some of these roads to recover their construction and maintenance cost.

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Coming Up: Best Season to Buy Cars!

Honda City

If you have been planning to buy a car, then fret no more! December is coming, bringing with it the biggest and best year-end discounts. This month offers a big bonanza for prospective automotive customers, with discounts being offered by all and sundry. The end of the year is probably the best month to buy a car, in terms of the pricing.

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