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3 Indispensable Methods to Boost Ground Clearance


Ground clearance is probably the trickiest dimension of a vehicle. Too low and the passenger will feel every speed bump on the road, too high and the car will roll over at the slightest provocation! This parameter is crucial to passenger safety and comfort, yet is often ignored while purchasing a car.

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How does Tata Nano Electric compare with Mahindra E2O Plus?


Tata Motors is all set to launch an all-electric version of the Nano in India, in direct competition with the Mahindra E2O Plus. With the Mahindra E2O already having taken the lead, Tata Motors is, in all probability, looking to recover lost ground and improve on the dwindling sales of the Nano through an electric variant.

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Unveiling the Land Rover Discovery Sport


The dream vehicle of many auto lovers, the Land Rover Discovery is a versatile can-do-all vehicle, whether it’s driving the daily urban commute to work or taking a comfortable, safe family trip on the weekend. It has been on Indian soil for a good two years now, but recently, it added on a new diesel variant with a 2-litre Ingenium motor. The Discovery Sport’s radical design and abilities have proved to be impressive both off-road as well as within city limits.

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Why is electric vehicle pioneer Tesla betting big in India


A recent tweet by Elon Musk – the founder of the electric car Tesla has set the Indian car fanatics abuzz with excitement. He confirmed that he was currently talking with the Indian government on plans to foray into the country’s electric vehicle market. This news came as a surprise to many especially since in the past, Musk seemed rather ambivalent about his plans for India.

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10 Money-saving Driving Tips


With the holiday season ahead, most of you will be setting off on long drives and driving holidays. But is the thought of huge fuel expenses giving you sleepless nights? Read on….We have some excellent tips for those who want to enjoy a long drive without the fuel cost burning a hole in your pockets!

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This festive season drive home your dream car in just 5 lakhs!

IMG_20170910_140025 (1)

The festive season is just around the corner and while we all draw out lists of things to be bought, replaced, refurbished, many of us wait for this opportune time to make our most desired purchases, be it a fancy lantern or even sleek car. For some of us, this car may just be the first ever car and thus making it extra special and a well thought-through decision. To ease your troubles, we at Truebil have a list of low budget yet extremely comfortable and dazzling cars to make it the perfect gift this Diwali.
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5 Great Road Trips from Bengaluru

road trip

Now that Truebil is in Bengaluru, the travel buffs in the city can fulfill their long pending dreams of going on trips that transform their lives. So Bengaluru denizens, once you buy that car that you have been waiting for, buckle up and step on the accelerator. For we already have a list of 5 trips you absolutely MUST take this winter.

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