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7 Upcoming SUVs in 2017


Over the last few years, the Indian car market has been largely impacted by Indians’ love for SUVs. Stuck to the same old models for a long time, car lovers were fascinated by the onslaught of new models. With most auto giants having announced their plans for big launches, 2017 is going to be a bumper year for all these SUV enthusiasts.

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Here’s what you need to know before applying for a car loan


A car is the first big-ticket purchase in the lives of most people. The first major expense you plan from the moment you start working and earning money. Be it for the practical reason of the daily commute or just to assert your independence, a car has become a necessity these days. However, regardless of the model you choose or the money you make, it is wise to take a loan for buying the car. While there are enough financial institutions offering car loans, here are a few things you need to know before you opt for a loan.

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Driving through the Lake District


The charm of going on overseas assignment, for any travel buff, is exploring a new place. Hence, while on a short assignment near the famed Lake district in UK, my plan was to use all weekends to their fullest and explore the beautiful English countryside. Fortunately, with me was a group of like-minded colleagues, equally keen on discovering Britain before it was time to leave. The fact that I had taken an international driving permit was a boon since adventure and public transport do not really go well together, at least not in UK.

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The Car and Bike Awards 2017


December 2016 saw the who’s who of the automotive sector descend upon the glittering NDTV Car and Bike Awards. Over 12 years, these awards, launched with the aim of honoring excellence in performance, have grown from strength to strength, and now stand out as the leader of the automotive awards in India. An eminent jury comprising of the top names in the country, a fair selection process and credible names associated with it make the NDTV car and bike awards the Oscars of the auto sector in the country.

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The Union Budget to be presented on February 1, 2017 has the entire nation on tenterhooks. Post demonetisation, growth appears to have slowed down, and automobiles, like most other industries has seen a negative impact. A decline of almost 19% in vehicular sales was seen in December, a sixteen year low. The restrictions on diesel vehicles of more than 2000cc in the NCR market and anti-diesel sentiment have also impacted automobile sales. In this scenario, the upcoming budget is extremely crucial for the sector.

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Three dream features we want to see in 2017


Continuous innovation in the automotive sector has led to features in cars today that were unthinkable a few years back. Power windows, deemed regular features in most cars today, were a dream a decade back. Sat nav, parking sensors, one-touch ignition… the list goes on and on.

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Coming soon to a dealership near you: The Lexus

Lexus 1

The long wait is almost over…Ending all speculations, Lexus, Toyota’s ode to luxury, will enter India in March. It’s been confirmed that Mumbai will have the first dealership of Lexus in the country. As of now, all the cars will be imported from Japan. Toyota is finalising its plans for setting up factories in India, but that’s expected to take some time. Interestingly, bookings have already started, though delivery will only happen post-launch. Apparently, Toyota has started accepting bookings to gauge the interest in the Lexus before it goes all out and launches it.

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Superhits of 2016: Cars That Made the Cut


2016 saw a lot happening in the Indian automobile industry.  The 2016 Auto Expo in February 2016 saw more than seventy new launches and unveilings, setting the ball rolling. The year also saw its share of revamped versions hitting the market. Though of course, not all won the customers’ hearts. Though it was tough to choose just 5 cars that made hearts race, we did it, just for you.  The 5 superhits of 2016, in our opinion, in no particular order, are:

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7 most haunted roads in India


Haunted roads do exist, not only in our imagination but in reality. Replete with strange sightings and frequent accidents. India is probably the country with the largest number of haunted roads. And, here is a list of arguably the most haunted roads in the country.
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NH 44 – A Foodie's Delight


“There is no love more sincere than the love for food” said George Bernard Shaw. If this is gospel truth for you, then you are a die-hard foodie. And for a foodie in India, NH 44 is paradise – a sublime and delicious experience.

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