The automobile market has been booming! Millions of cars are sold across the world in a single year and the automobile industry, in Europe and otherwise, has seen a splendid recovery. While there is no right time to buy an automobile, there are certainly times that are economically more beneficial than others. And to be able to buy an automobile, bet it new or used, at the lowest possible prices, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.


Best Time of the Day: Early

Most people might tell you that entering a dealership late in the day to buy a car, just before their closing time, will help you get a better deal on your car, as the staff is tired, weary and willing to compromise. However, sales experts and people who have worked at car dealerships will tell you that this is a misconception. In the morning, they are fresh and eager to start the day on a good note; and hence will be more pliable to negotiations. So, reach early, preferably be there as soon as the showroom opens. The first customer always gets special treatment.


Best Time of the Week: Mid-Week

Automobile dealerships step up their sales game on the weekends, concentrating on making the most of their advertising and sales campaigns. There are going to be enough buyers available for the dealership, which means that you don’t always get that special and prioritised treatment you might expect. Mondays being clean-up days for them, the next couple of days i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday, are the slowest days of the week in terms of sales. Show up at the dealership during this time of the week and be ready to truly experience the first class treatment you deserve.


Best Time of the Month: Month End

Every sales person, manager and the dealership itself, has a sales target to hit by the end of the month. The dealerships are promised certain financial bonuses based on the sales targets they are given and by the end of the month, they are usually just a couple of car sales away. This makes the managers and sales persons much more flexible with prices, as they’re willing to forego a large margin on one vehicle in order to get a significantly higher bonus.

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Best Time of the Year: December

Automakers usually offer the highest customer rebates and dealer incentives on cars at the end of the year, trying to move out the old inventory in order to make space for the New Year’s models. However, this strategy would not make sense if the newer model was substantially different and improved from the earlier one. Even on special festive occasions, such as national days and festivals, dealerships provide numerous beneficial offers to customers in order to boost their sales. However, there is also the risk of the dealerships cutting back on their inventory, trying to sell off the older ones to make space for the new.


Other times

For those looking for a serious price cut, buying a car with the model in the last year of its production has serious financial benefits. However, the difficulty of finding spare parts for your vehicle increases and the resale value takes a hit as well. Other ideal times for automobile purchases could involve a number of different factors such as weather conditions, general economy, national sentiments etc. Patience, along with a bit of financial prudence, could go a long way in making your wallet much less lighter, while still making you the proud owner of the vehicle of your dreams.

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