The thrill of owning your first car is probably one of the best experiences of life. You feel a sense of pride that you are financially independent enough to buy a car. Then there is the feeling of finally growing up, now that you can afford a car of your own. You also feel more confident about driving your own car, and more responsible as the onus of buying and maintaining the car is solely on you.


While you are going through this wide gamut of emotions, there is also that thread of apprehension about taking such a huge financial decision. This is probably the first time in your life that you are making such a big-ticket purchase. If you are feeling nervous, fret no more. Follow the Truebil expert’s advice and be rest assured you will have no last-minute hurdles.


Be Smart, Buy Smart

You might be in love with that top-end SUV or the luxury convertible. But consider the fact that this luxury car will depreciate the minute it rolls out of the showroom. A smarter idea is to think of investing in a pre-owned car instead of a new one. You can get a better model for the same price that you were willing to pay. Your Porsche dreams might very well come true, albeit within your budget.


It’s all about the research

Now that you know your budget and the cars available in that price range, get studying. Research thoroughly on the various features, specifications, pros and cons of each manufacturer/model, after-sales service, mileage etc. Do a comparative analysis on paper or on your laptop. Read up all reviews and opinions. Armed with all this, you can now visit the dealer.


Just drive it

You could have read through hundreds of pages, but a test drive of a car will tell you more about it than any number of articles. So when you visit the dealer, check out all the features you have read about and find out more about them. Then ask for a test drive. A car with all the features you want is of no use if the driving experience is not good for you. Take your friends and family along to gauge how many people can fit into the car comfortably. You will also get a more varied opinion from them.


Or just trust us

If you are keen on buying a pre-owned car, it makes sense to buy certified cars that are inspected and evaluated by someone competent. This is where Truebil can help you. Just leave yourself in our capable hands and we will find the perfect car for you. Our car expert will take care of all the hassles including site visit, inspection, road test, evaluation etc. Once we certify a car, you can be rest assured you are making a wise decision.


Irrespective of whether you are buying a small car or a big car, a new car or a pre-owned one, a first car will always be special. Like your first date, first crush, first job or first salary – a first car is a big milestone in everyone’s life. So go ahead and buy that car today to have the ride of your life. Happy driving!



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