Apple and Android have successfully ventured into the vehicle segment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. By projecting the smart phone’s home screen on the car’s dashboard screen, they regulate prime phone features, allowing you to use the phone, without moving your hands from the wheel. They bring wide range of apps running from the phone’s operating system onto the car screens. Basically, they are third-party apps that imitate the usage of phones and run in your car’s computer junction. Both lessen the music sound when giving instructions and pop up the command to be followed if you are using some other app.

To operate both systems, the smartphones need to have a direct USB connection to the car but some latest models are supporting wireless connectivity as well. Though Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are very much similar in functionality, yet some differences do exist.

How to get started with Android Auto

  • If you have Android 9 or less then you have to download the app from Google Play but for those who use Android 10, the app is in-built.
  • You should check if the head unit is compatible with Android Auto and turned on.  
  • Then the app has to be downloaded from GooglePlay or by plugging in the phone with a USB cable in the car.
  • You have to put the car in Park mode, unlock the phone screen and pair it to the car through Bluetooth for the phone to get connected.
  • Before accessing apps, you have to read the safety instructions and Android Auto norms, followed by turning on notification for the same. Then after choosing Android Auto on the car display and following instructions, you can get started.
  • For wireless connection, you have to pair Android Auto on the car display screen via Bluetooth, go through the safety information and gain Android Auto approval.

How to get started with Apple CarPlay

  • After starting the car you have to check if the Apple’s voice aid Siri has been enabled, followed by connecting the iPhone to the vehicle. If the car is compatible with CarPlay through USB cable, then you need to connect the iPhone into the USB port to get connected.
  • If the car is compatible with wireless CarPlay, the voice command button on the steering wheel should be pressed and put on hold. After being sure if the stereo is in Bluetooth mode, you have to go to the Settings-General-CarPlay-Available cars-car model in the iPhone.
  • To use Siri to manage CarPlay, you can either press and hold the voice command button, and ask the question or touch and hold the CarPlay home button on the touchscreen and ask the question.

Android Maps and Music are there by default in both systems while calls and answering messages are completed through voice commands instead of using hands. Although both have been existing since 2014 but they were integrated into newer models from last year by most carmakers. Google Maps along with built-in Apple Maps are assisted by CarPlay but won’t work on Android Auto. Both systems also function well using third-party apps for music and other utilities.  In short, they help us in getting our work done while driving.

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