Well, it is no longer going to be a problem taking your eyes off the road while still negotiating the hectic city traffic. With the driver assist feature of Tesla Autopilot, you can share a romantic moment with your partner, attend to urgent client calls or just take a nap, while still being behind the wheels.

This path-breaking technology is brought to you by Tesla, a major American energy storage automaker company. Founded in 2003, Tesla is also better identified by its magnetic CEO, Elon Musk. The company has always surprised the competition with new age technologies and Autopilot is one of them. Autopilot supports semi-autonomous driving.



Semi-autonomous driving is the second stage of ADAS (Autonomous Driving Assist System) where the driver is mainly needed for continuous monitoring of the car and controls while the car drives itself. So far, only Tesla claims to be in this segment. This second stage comes after the first stage where the system assumes that the driver is controlling the car and only assists in emergency and provides safety counter measures. And the third and final stage is the Fully Autonomous Driving, where the car is able to travel from one point to another without any human monitoring and is completely capable of dealing with all the scenarios that may occur on the road.


The Autopilot is a technological marvel gradually moving towards the third stage. However, currently it comes with a lot of driving features like


Adaptive cruise control

This enables the car to follow another car while it maintains a safe distance from it even when the speed varies during the drive.



The one feature which is loved by all is Autopark/ Summon. It allows the car to enter an empty spot and park the car safely keeping in mind the side clearance and the bumper clearance. Simultaneously, Summon allows the car to drive itself out of the parking spot and pick the riders up (proximity limited).


Auto steer

This helps in managing and changing lanes whenever needed safely.



Autopilot is also able to send alerts to the driver in case there is an extreme condition on the road or the driver is excessively inattentive. If the driver happens to miss 3 such audio warnings in an hour, the autopilot is disabled until the car is parked. This is necessary as many a times, expert drivers too become careless and are not as attentive as necessary.


Forward Collision Warning

The system sounds a chime the moment it finds anything within 160m radius to alert the driver about an impending collision when the cruise control is off.


Speed Assist

There are front facing cameras on the car that can detect the various speed limit signs/boards and the current speed gets displayed on the dashboard. That way, it helps the driver to maintain the right speed.



Autopilot software loaded in the cars is updated on its own.

With Autopilot feature getting streamlined and adopted by the car connoisseurs, Tesla is on its way to producing driverless cars in the next stage. Looks like life is all set for a smooth ride. Enjoy while your car does all the honking!

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