There are two kinds of people on earth: one who buys cars for the practical reason to commute. And there are the others who buy car for love, they treat their cars as their newborns and strive to keep improving and enhancing them.


Now it’s up to you if you want to be among the former set of people who buy a car for the sole purpose of reaching their workplace sooner or you want to make a few simple modifications that can turn your car into a luxurious piece of machinery that will hold pride of place in your home. Here are our expert’s guide to accessories that will turn your regular car into a luxury car.


Luxe accessories:


  • Solar powered ventilation fan– A fan that can be used to save car batteries and can be used to “keep cool” while driving to work everyday in the scorching summer heat. Being solar powered, it also gives you the moral satisfaction of contributing to a ‘green’ environment.
  • Automobile swivel tray– Meant for the days you or your family wants to snack on munchies in the car, this tray keeps your food from toppling over. Enjoy your can of beverage and burger any time you want.
  • Automatic Side Step– Giving you the feeling of a personal ‘red carpet’, this accessory automatically opens and folds when you open or close the doors. Especially useful for SUVs and cars with high ground clearance as it reduces the ground clearance, this is a boon for the elderly or those with knee problems as it makes it easier to get into the car.
  • HUD – HUD is a driver’s ultimate fantasy come true! It gives you information like speed and navigation at your eye level, ensuring you do not have to look down or to your side to check the vitals. Making your driving much safer.
  • Seat accessories– How thrilled would you be if your seat itself was climate-controlled? Or gave you a massage while you were seated. Time to rejoice! Thermo-electric pads plugged into the car’s socket are now widely available, to give you a heated/cooled seat. Massage pads available in the market can also be connected to the socket to give you that much-needed massage. And of course, there are other accessories like seat pockets, seat cushions to raise the height, seat belt cushions etc.
  • Wireless charging– If your phone supports wireless charging, buy this accessory to enable wireless charging in the car. So, even if you forget your charger at home and do not have a power bank, you don’t ned to panic anymore.

Besides these, there are other top-end accessories like diamond rims for the wheels, luxe leather seat covers and steering wheel covers, high-end stereo systems, wooden rear hood covers etc that will make you feel like James Bond! So go ahead and start splurging on the accessory of your dreams.

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