Like everything else in our lives, a car also needs regular maintenance, ranging from routine tyre pressure checking to repairs. Reliable mechanics inform owners about the worn down parts and the urgency to replace them.


But many of them miss disclosing certain things to their clients, especially the easier tricks of the trade. Here are seven things that even the best mechanics may not reveal:

  1. Changing oil is easy – The most common maintenance necessity is changing oil. This is also easy money for mechanics. However, buying motor oil and storing it in the car for future use works out cheaper too. Get the oil level checked every time petrol is filled and top it up from your own supply!
  2. Doing brake job is easier – A person can do the brake pads and rotor changing with very less effort if time is not a factor. As this is easy but time-consuming, labour costs escalate, much to the delight of the mechanic. Those conscious about saving costs can go through a Youtube tutorial and do it themselves.
  3. Dents and Touch ups are magical – Fixing scratches through dents and touch-ups are easy and fun to do. Kits available in the market can help the owner take care of minor paint jobs at home.
  4. Make-over is a bad idea – Sometimes it is whimsical for an owner to decorate their car with loud and exotic paints, flashy wheels and spoilers, glossy steering cover, jazzy lights, separate music system and many aftermarket details. Interestingly a mechanic never dissuades from doing so, as he earns a lot from it. It is important to know that only the products given and recommended by the manufacturer are suitable for the car.
  5. High-tech cars have cheaper solutions too – Untrained mechanics not aware of handling sophisticated cars and their computerized components might end up quoting a lot for expensive parts. Owners of such cars should know that dealers and manufacturers provide factory trained persons for tricky repairs. Or else, the owner could check for specially recommended independent shops to get the required parts and services at lower costs than the dealers.
  6. Recycled parts can be dependable – Usually mechanics suggest buying new parts for the car. However, many a times, re-built or recycled (old) parts can be used, saving a lot of money. But the owner must understand whether the part suits the need, as not all recycled components will work as expected.
  7. Know the warranty and insurance – Lack of knowledge about warranty and insurance are a bonus for an auto repair shop. Mechanics and dealers may not disclose what’s covered under warranty, and charge a hefty amount for it. The owner must go through the manual to know the kind of repair or maintenance under warranty before going to the workshop. Similarly, insurance should be considered before repairing the car to understand the real out of pocket expenses as well as finding out the best mechanic for the job.
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