On an average, you can expect about 60000 miles from your new tires. As tires are the only components of your car that touch the ground, it is recommended that you replace them regularly to ensure your vehicle’s safety. However, the lifespan of a tire can be affected by a number of factors – type of vehicle, driving habits of the user, and continuous driving duration. Hence, you can extend the life of your tires by following some simple tips.

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  1. Inflate the Tires Properly

Under-inflated tires tend to wear out more quickly. Also, under-inflated tires increase gas consumption and create unsafe driving conditions. Hence, you must always maintain the perfect tire pressure. So refer to the user manual of your vehicle to know the ideal psi for your tires. Check the psi using a tire pressure gauge every time you visit a petrol pump and fill them up.

  1. Check the Tire Alignment

The tires wear out quicker if they are not aligned properly. You need to get the alignment of tires checked at a workshop at regular intervals. This will help the tires last longer, and avoid accelerated tread wear on the components.

  1. Keep the Tires and Wheels Clean

It is also important to protect the tires from dirt and UV-rays. You must wash the wheels and tires to prevent accumulation of corrosive dirt. Likewise, you can also consider applying a quality protective product to protect the tires from UV ray or park them in enclosed areas.

  1. Inspect the Tire Treads Regularly

Often tires need to be replaced more quickly due to tread wear. When you get the tires inspected regularly, you can detect the wear trends before any damage is caused to the tires. This also enables you to identify bad wear patterns, and get them repaired immediately.

  1. Rotate the Tires Regularly

In addition to getting the alignment of tires inspected regularly, you need to rotate the tires on a regular basis. You could have a tire rotation schedule to prevent tread wear and make the tires last longer.

  1. Inspect the Wheel and Suspension Components

The condition of wheel and suspension components affects the service life of tires directly. Poor condition of the wheel bearing leads to irregular wear and tear of the tires. Likewise, worn out shock absorbers cause depression wear on treads. Hence, you need to get the car serviced at regular intervals to make the tires last longer.

  1. Avoid Rough Terrains

Last but definitely not the least, you can enhance the life expectancy of your tires by driving and parking the car carefully. Avoid rough terrains, as even a simple pothole can damage the tires drastically. Likewise, park the car carefully to prevent your tires from scraping against the curb.

Just as it’s important to use the right tires on your car, it’s as crucial to follow these steps to ensure your tires help your car run smoothly and last longer. Well-maintained cars ensure a much safer drive.

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