The term one stop shop means a place or a location that offers various services to its customers in the same place. This is to provide ease and comfort to the customer and make the entire process smooth without having him run from pillar to post to get things done.This concept saves both time and effort for the customers and in turn gives the shop/dealer a satisfied customer.

There are various advantages of buying a car from these one-stop shops.

  1. Best condition vehicle – All good car dealers maintain a certain standard in the cars they store. Low mileage, late models, etc, get thoroughly evaluated before taking the car in. This way the customers can be sure of the quality of the car they’re signing up for.


  1. No mechanical defects – Even customers who do not understand the workings of the engine or other nitty-gritties of mechanical aspect can buy a reused car without fear. This is because the dealer would have certified engineers who know how to check the car thoroughly and are able to spot defects or concerns. There’s multi-point inspection and reconditioning process for each car.


  1. Saving of time and effort – In order to take a look at a car one needs to spend at 2-3 hours in the showroom. However, at the dealer’s showroom, the customer gets to see cars from different manufacturers along with their prices and other specifications and this means a real time comparison. This saves the customer a lot of time and helps in taking a quicker decision.


  1. Easy finance options – Almost all the dealers these days have tie-ups with one or the other bank and most often than not, a bank personnel is always present at their showroom to discuss details of financing the car that the customer intends to buy. This, again, saves the customer’s time that would otherwise have been spent in going to the bank to understand the financing details.


  1. Handling of paperwork – There are many approvals, transfer of registration, ownership, etc, needed when one buys a used car. These dealers have all of that taken care of for their customers. Getting an approval from the govt. authorities is a big task as we all know; however it is a routine job for these dealers and their team, and therefore they provide it with ease to their customers.


  1. Extended Warranty – Many dealers also offer extended warranty on the cars purchased from them. This works in the customers favour because a used car would cost less and the customer can secure himself by buying extended warranty
  1. Roadside Assistance – This is a normal trend nowadays to offer roadside assistance to the customers. Both new and used car buyers are being offered this service by the dealers. They charge an annual fee and the customer can get in touch with them if the car breaks down anywhere.


In today’s age, no one really has the time to go to each car manufacturer’s showroom individually and go through the entire process involving, paperwork, approvals, surveying, etc. One such time saver (read life-saver) is; it offers online as well as offline services to the buyers of used cars and guides them through it. These used car dealership shops are a boon to the working people who only get 1 or 2 days off in the week and have loads of things already piled up for the weekend. These shops come as a relief to a buyer where they are able to get all the information under one roof and find a vehicle of their liking as well.

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