The thought of buying a car is a real turn on for most. You might spend days and weeks poring over newspaper ads, websites and automotive magazines in your quest for the best car for your money. As many experts will tell you though, but most of the time, opting for a pre-owned car is a much more intelligent decision.Apart from the obvious price aspect, which may or may not be important to you, there are many other aspects which can influence your decision.

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1. Your money, your take

Remember you have worked hard to earn your money, now how wisely you spend it is your choice. However, do keep in mind that buying a second-hand car is certainly more pocket friendly.

2. What’s new today will be old tomorrow

Do you remember the new car you badly wanted as an 18-year old? Well, there have been countless more launches after that and you have gotten over it. The same holds true for the next car you are dreaming about. There are new launches every month and you can’t keep going after new cars for long.

3. More loss for new than used

Depreciation is real.  You can’t escape depreciation even if you buy a used car, but you will definitely lose less.

4. Taxes more for new

The government taxes anything new, while you can smartly escape the excess taxation when you pick something pre-owned. Even if you have to pay taxes for pre-owned cars, it will be negligible compared to that for new ones.

5. Similar features, just more time tested

Innovations don’t happen on a daily basis in the automobile sector. The features almost remain the same with just a few tweaks. So why pay more for upgrades that may not really matter to you in the long run?

6. Cars are not really investments

You might think that a car is a good investment, however, it’s important to remember that when you have to pay too much for it, it will not qualify as a wise investment. After all, a smart investment is one that is money well spent; and in the case of cars that is not the case.

7. Cars are as much for transportation as for style

If you think rationally, then the best car to buy is one which gives you all necessary luxuries while riding in it. It should give a fair mileage and have the right safety features. Good looks are an added advantage. A pre-owned car fulfills all these conditions. Additionally, you get a much more stylish and better looking car for the same price you would have paid for a much smaller car.

At Truebil, we understand your need to buy the best car you can. We help you get the right bargain on the vehicle you are looking for. Give our experts a call and experience how they help you make the right choice for you and your family.

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