If you want your car to run as smooth as new for a long time, timely maintenance is a must. However, like with anything else in today’s digital age, there is an onslaught of information on the internet, both on TV and the internet. Hence, it’s important to separate the facts from the myths if you want to save your money while ensuring your car is maintained well. After all, over-maintaining your vehicle will burn holes in your pocket and under-maintaining might damage your car beyond repairs.

Read on to know some of the car maintenance facts and myths.


  1. Change Engine oil frequently– It is often suggested by advertisements and car salesmen that you change the engine oil every few months. The truth is changing the oil often doesn’t harm the engine but it only empties your pockets. Modern lubricants can function well for 6 to 8 months. It is recommended to read through the car manual or engine oil manual for better information.
  2. Top up when the brake fluid is low – Just topping your break fuel when its running low can cost you your life! Low brake fluid can be an indication of leakage or worn out brake pads. Rather than topping up it is important to get the brakes checked at a service centre. Top up only if the service centre advises so.
  3. Laundry detergent is good for car cleaning – Using laundry detergents can often harm the paint of the body and remove the wax coating of the car. It is recommended to use only car wash liquids for a smooth and shinier surface.
  4. Fuel additives are good – Salesman at various petrol pumps or service stations recommend using fuel additives to prevent deposits. The truth is the fuel that we use already has the necessary ingredients to prevent such a problem. Adding fuel additives is redundant and expensive.
  5. You don’t need a tyre pressure gauge – Lower tyre pressure not only gives you a low mileage but also reduces the road grip and the comfort level. If you have your own tyre pressure gauge, you can get the tyre pressure checked every alternate day for a smooth ride and long-lasting tyres.
  6. Coolant and Engine oil have to be changed together – Lubricants like engine oil and coolant both have a different life cycle. Hence, it is not required to change your coolant with every engine oil change. It is however imperative to change the coolant if it turns brown.
  7. You don’t need to service your car if it is running fine – You absolutely need to take your car for servicing at the recommended intervals. If your manufacturer tells you to service it, you must.


No matter what you hear on TV/radio or read on the internet, it’s essential that you read through your owner’s manual, understand your car well and then go in for any maintenance work that might be needed for your car. Stay aware of the common myths and you might very well be able to extend the life of your car by quite a few years.

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