Rash driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in India. However, other than speeding, there can be numerous other reasons that divert the attention of the driver and lead to fatal accidents. The recent MV Act has identified many such reasons and indicates them as serious offenses that can lead to heavy fines along with getting your driving license suspended.

Using phone or talking via Bluetooth – Using phone, listening to loud music is dangerous while driving. As per law, it is not wise to talk over the phone while behind the wheel except for navigation purposes, even if you use Bluetooth. It is distracting and can reduce focus resulting in fatalities. The Act warns against talking on the phone and you could be fined as much as Rs 5000 for disobeying. If there is an urgent call, you can stop by the roadside, complete the call and then move on.

Crossing speed limit near school areas – You should be sensitive enough not to drive fast near educational institutions; especially during opening and closing time of schools and colleges, when there is heightened vehicular rush and pedestrian movement. Driving beyond 25km/hour can make cause fine or license suspension.

Using pressure horns – Noise pollution is a severe problem in our country. Loud music and drum beats in the name of celebrations assault the drivers on the road without understanding the plight it causes to others and animals. Honking is also a part of noise pollution. Especially, the multi toned horn we hear is painful and pathetic. Using horns unnecessarily has become a habit in our country. That’s why govt. has decided to be strict in this matter and dissuade people against its frequent use. You can be fined heavily and your license can be seized if found making sound when not required or using multi toned horns.

Deviating from a lane in high-speed zone – Vehicles trying to squeeze through in between other vehicles or narrow space, especially during peak hours is a very common sight in our country. Squeezing through can cause harm to others, block others from going in a disciplined way and can be a time waste for others. So, it is a punishable offense. You can be fined or your license can be confiscated if you are found doing this.

Racing on public roads – Reckless driving, surpassing speed limits or racing on public roads are serious offenses, risky for you and others.  If you are found doing any of these then depending upon the degree of severity either you may get a warning or fine or lose your license. So, it is always better to be late than never.


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