Driving a vehicle is not a difficult task but staying out of danger while driving certainly requires some skills. A good driver is one who always remains alert and handles such unexpected situations effectively.


Besides driving skills, there are some unforeseen issues which need to be taken care of to avoid crashes. Here is a list of some unanticipated circumstances which can lead to accidents, if not handled well.

  1. Faulty sitting position – Sitting far from steering wheel or sitting forward is not the right position for a driver. It can result in overlooking blind spots and maintain control over pedal. Also, faulty sitting position leads to body discomfort creating distraction and leading to serious hazards. You should be aware of this and correct the posture by slightly bending the elbows and knees and sitting perfectly keeping the back straight.
  2. Inappropriate footwear and glasses while driving – Footwear and glasses are most carelessly handled by a driver. Wearing oversized shoes or slippers and flip-flops can be dangerous as it may come out of the foot when you hurriedly try to gain pedal control due to traffic or sudden arrival of an animal or pedestrians, causing imbalanced control and leading to accidents. So, either you can choose to wear proper footwear or keep them sideways and drive barefoot. If you wear glasses or shades while driving, make sure it is of good quality and of correct power to provide proper vision.
  3. Cylindrical rolling objects and other distracting objects inside car – Water bottles, children’s toys, old torn newspaper, polythene, spoons, chocolate and chip wrappers etc. are quite normally found lying inside the car. This is a serious matter as the rolling objects can get into or near the driver’s foot control pedals and may also rest under the pedals. This can cause sudden bouncing while applying pressure to those pedals, or you may not be able to press the pedals at all. Other distracting objects may fly here and there or skid inside the car while applying sudden brakes, causing accident. To avoid this you should keep objects in safe places.
  4. Defective floor mats and seat covers – Ill-fitting mats or torn mats disturb sudden pedal function. Either the mats overlap the clutch and accelerator, or the driver slips his foot in a hurry, causing irreparable loss. That’s why it is essential to have good quality and well fitted mats or carpets. Also, when the mats are taken out for cleaning, they should be put back in place properly. The seat covers should not be slippery and must be comfortable for the driver.
  5. Improper steering covers – Old or worn out covers lead to distraction, hand injury due to allergies, and loss of control. Very often, changing a steering cover is neglected causing serious crashes which could never have been imagined.
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