Although India is now home to some of the best roads that are superb to drive on, there are a few roads which still remain nightmarish for the drivers. Sharp bends, low hanging cliffs and harsh climatic conditions make these roads extremely difficult to manipulate. Yet there are a few adventurous souls who simply love the challenge and thrill of motoring


Khardungla Pass


Located at Ladakh, on the caravan route that was once the Silk route between India and China, this road can scare even the boldest as it runs at an indomitable height of 5602 metres above sea level. The frozen ice and dirt mix on the unpaved road make the roads very slippery. Additionally, the hairpin turns on these roads can be daunting for even the most experienced drivers in this region.


Nathula Pass

pass 2


This road at the Indo-Chinese border, 54 km east of Gangtok, is near Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim. The whole area is prone to landslides during monsoons and snow sludge in winters. The curved roads are extremely slippery and tough to motor through. Yet, there is no dearth of visitors to this region.


National Highway 22 Kinnaur Road

pass 3

NH 22, at the start of Kinnaur region, is an extremely challenging road to drive through. Drivers have never been short of sorry tales about the rock cut roads at Tranda, popularly known as Tranda Dhank. The low overhanging rocks, narrow dark holes and blind turns make this road every driver’s nightmare. There is every possibility of vehicles colliding around the blind turns and the unluckiest ones can even land straight in the Baspa river for simple driving slip-ups.


Three level zig-zag road

pass 4

Located in Sikkim, at a height of 11200 ft above sea level, is this spiralling road. With more than 100 hairpin bends in a 30 km stretch, the zig-zag road gives you some of the most scenic views of the magnificent Himalayas. Needless to say, a drive along this road is meant only for the daring few. And do be prepared for some really dizzying moments.


Keylong-Kishtwar road

pass 5

Located at the eastern extremity of Kishtwar district of Jammu, part of NH-26, this road is windy, narrow and without guard rail for long stretches. The overhanging cliff is so low that a big car can barely fit in. The cliff obstructs the view around the sharp turns which makes it even riskier to make those turns.


You will never be short of adventurous stories to narrate once you take a trip on these roads. But if you already have the adrenaline racing, pack your bags and set off on any of these routes for a never-before experience. And remember to drive safe.

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