So you have used your car for quite a few years and have decided to buy a new one. It can be an easy affair to dispose of your old car through an online car marketplace or one of the many physical outlets that deal in pre-owned cars.


While selling, you might be tempted to hide some of the flaws in your car so that you get a few extra bucks, but beware! Hiding things about the car you are about to sell may be damaging to both you and the portal or forum through which you are selling your car, not to speak of irreparable damages to the new buyer. Think of it this way, if there is anything you need to know before buying a car, you probably should not hide it while selling it either. So, here are 5 things you definitely should not hide while selling your car:


Legal documents – Documents related to the car, like its insurance or ownership details, should not be hidden or lied about. Discrepancies will not only put you and the buyer in trouble but also make you liable for legal punishment.


Damaged outer body/paintwork – Most online websites make it mandatory to post pictures of the car in various perspectives. These images make it especially easy to detect flaws and will give you a bad name as an unreliable seller if you try to hide the damages. Scratches, dents, peeling paintwork and other physical details should be looked after before listing the car or mentioned in the description. Similarly, if you have done a paint job, disclose that to the buyer.

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Interior of the car– Anything – from damaged upholstery in the car to damaged carpets or seats – should be either changed or reported. You should also make sure that the car is in good running condition if you have not been using it for some time. Faulty parts like lights and brakes should be taken care of. It is advisable to have the car professionally checked once before selling.


Service history– While it is common knowledge that every car needs professional servicing at least once a year, many people try to hide the service history in order to show that the car is newer than its actual age. This should be avoided. You should provide the complete service history and not hide anything if you want to stay away from trouble.


Misleading information – In a bid to get more offers, people tend to give misleading information like the usage of car, location or even offer to drive the car to the customer, but they do not follow through with their promises. This is something you should avoid and stay truthful.


It might be tempting to tell a few small lies in order to get a better pricing. But remember that your half-truths and white lies may take someone’s life. Moreover, hiding information may invalidate the sale and land you in jail. Whereas, if you are honest there will be no lies to cover up, and you can say goodbye to your car with a clear conscience.

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