With the increasing demand for pre-owned cars, many people are eager to jump onto the bandwagon. Specially the younger set of working professionals who aspire to buy a good set of wheels but are not keen to spend a lot of their hard earned money on a new one. The process of buying a pre-owned car is not an easy road to navigate though.


Here are step to step guide to help you make an informed purchase:


1. Decide on a budget and a model – The first step is to finalize your budget for the used car. Once your budget is fixed, surf the internet to research which cars will fit your need and your budget. After zeroing in on the models, check out all online marketplaces as well as showrooms and garages around you to find out the range of options available.


2. Payment mode – Remember that the financing process for a pre-owned car is more cumbersome and time-consuming. These are not treated at par with new cars, as far as loan approval is concerned. The interest rates are higher, loan tenure is shorter and loan amount is lesser. You would need to consider the financial aspect before you actually buy the car you want.


3.Test drive – Always test drive before buying a car. It gives you an idea about the drive, control, handling and performance of the car on road, where it matters the most.

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4. Inspection at a garage – Take the car to a trusted garage for a detailed technical inspection, including a check-up of the engine, electricals, mileage vs registration year, fuel efficiency, condition of AC, battery and tyres. Get a comprehensive report of the car’s health. A car that has been maintained properly will have no problems passing this test.


5. Clear paperwork – If you are happy with the car, check if all paperwork is available. Ideally, at a bare minimum, RC card, original invoice, loan docs, insurance, service log and PUC should be available.


It is important to realize that car buying experience has less to do with luck and more to do with thorough research and planning. Truebil.com lends you a hand there. It is the one stop solution to all your used car needs. It provides you hand-inspected, verified used cars and ensures paper transfer, car loan and insurance facilities. Get a quick recommendation and let Truebil breeze you through the process of buying a used car. Learn more about it at www.truebil.com.




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