Buying a car is not just a financial decision but an experience in itself. The thrill of buying your dream car, doing research, negotiating for the best deal, arranging finances and finally getting it home! It’s an emotionally-charged decision. However, in the excitement of procuring a new set of wheels, do not forget the most crucial part of the whole procedure – doing a final assessment of the actual car you will get before taking delivery.

Once the car is in your garage, it becomes your responsibility. Hence, you need to do a thorough pre-delivery inspection to ensure the car you are getting is in good shape, irrespective of whether it’s a new one or a pre-owned one. Do it in broad daylight, preferably with someone else giving you company. Check for the following:


The body, bonnet and bumper should be in perfect condition and shape, dent and damage-free, with evenly coated paint. A crack-free windshield, smoothly working wiper, straight seams and door lines, perfectly functioning doors and windows with even sound-proof sealing is what you should be looking for. Check for the manufacturer’s inscription on the glass. Check the tyres to understand if they are new.


The interior should be in your chosen colour scheme, and brand new. Check and understand the dashboard, the instrument panel, the music system as well as other accessories inside. Read the odometer and see if the car has been driven much before delivery. Also ensure you understand the operation of the car itself. See if all mechanical and electronic parts are functioning. Turn the ignition on to check if the AC, music system, power windows, etc, work. In short, check everything inside, except the airbags!!!

Under the hood


Open the bonnet and check to see if everything looks shipshape. Desired fluid levels, a clean engine compartment with properly shielded ECU and a brand-new battery are the mandatory checks. The engine bay should not smell of unburnt fuel and the exhaust should not emit black fumes. Also, the electrical bits should be in perfect condition. Once the inspection is done, ask the delivery guy to give you a heads-up on the important items under the bonnet and explain how to take care of them.


You should get the invoice and sale certificate, RC card, insurance paper, warranty documents (tyres, music system, battery), user manual, PUC certificate etc. Check the vehicle registration number, vehicle identification number, chassis and engine number against the documents.

Test Drive

Once you have gone through everything, take the car for a drive, along with the delivery guy. That helps you understand and resolve any underlying issue. It also gives you a better understanding about how to operate the car. You will also be able to sort out issues, if any.

Once all this is done, you can safely take the car home. Of course, if you are buying a pre-owned vehicle from Truebil, you do not need to worry about any of this. We will take care of it all for you!


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