Among the many wonders that the year 1800 witnessed, the most wonderful and wildest was using car as a personal mode of mechanized transportation. Though automobile industry has faced many ups and downs since then but the car has been a hotbed of technology always.


With the steam engine, it got power, whereas from methods of production, efforts of engineers and innovators, it saw its refinement. Along the way, some phenomenal innovations resulted in safer, reliable, tech savvy and comfortable cars whereas some innovations failed leading to some wild and crazy products. Many of them crossed the boundaries of technology and design to stay forever and many didn’t age so well. Some of these wildest but unforgettable car innovations of all time are given below.


Amphibious Cars – Amphicar 770 was released in Germany in 1959 and in the US in 1961. It was given this name as it could go at the speed of 70 mph on land and 7 mph on water. Unfortunately, these cars didn’t come to the market after 1967 but they certainly did leave their ‘car-prints’. These days they are used in Disney Springs at Disney World for rides around Lake Buena Vista.

Flying Cars – In 1949, an aeronautical engineer named Moulton Taylor made five Aerocars to be operated on the road or in the sky named as Taylor Aero cars. It seemed a reality then, though for a short span of time. The entire procedure of converting from car to plane was cumbersome and took 15 minutes to do so. One had to pull the wings on a trailer before flying as they were not attached to the car. Though Taylor car failed like other previously tested flying cars but they are still treated as a great engineering achievement.

1959 Rocket Car – The 1959 Cadillac Cyclone concept rocket shaped car was designed by Harley Earl. It had a Plexiglas bubble canopy facilitating a 360-degree view for the driver. Quite like today’s forward collision warning system, the rocket car or Cyclone concept was fitted with a front looking radar unit to alert the driver of objects in front of the car. The passengers communicated with people outside through an intercom as the car didn’t have roll-down windows. Its production stopped after a short period of time.

In-Car-Toilets – To put an end to unnecessary stoppages during a road trip and for the convenience of women passengers, the 1954 Rolls-Royce Vignale attempted an in-car toilet. Though this thought led to portable-toilet revolution but built-in ones remained as a thing of the past because of the wastes spilling onto the road causing a threat to the environment.

Bond Bug – No reference to 007; this mini car was produced as a fun car by the Reliant company. Since a driving license was not required to drive this vehicle, only young people and motor cyclists used this. Its bug-shaped headlights and unique body shape made it popular for a time.


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