In these days of easy EMIs and financing deals, buying a car is super-easy. The hard part comes once the car is in your hands as keeping it running well is a huge responsibility, considering the road and traffic conditions in India. A lot of manufacturers offer free servicing for a certain duration. However, once this honeymoon period of free servicing is over, the battle starts. Perhaps, that’s why, keeping in mind the increased labour costs, the industry is constantly endeavouring to produce cars that demand minimum upkeep. Here is our expert’s list of cars which are comparatively pocket-friendly in matters of service and maintenance.


  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

The Alto K10 is a budget-friendly hatchback from the legendary Indian automaker’s line-up. Besides its superior engineering and outstanding layout, the brand’s reliability, affordability and easy availability of spare parts are a solace to buyers. The lightweight yet forceful 1-litre K-Next engine, the subtle but protective features, the performance, the elegant interior materials and the economical maintenance have all combined to make it a top seller. With an estimated after care cost of around Rs 32,000 for 7 years, this is a breeze to maintain.

  1. Hyundai Santro

Renowned for its efficiency in low running cost and less emissions, the Santro is a fun-to-drive and non-compromising entry-level hatchback. The cutting-edge technology, ride handling, innovative digital gear and the 1.1L 4 cylinder engine offer seamless performance. Stylish interior and exterior of the car have made it a hot seller. The 3 years/100,000 km warranty, roadside assistance, Rs 12,041 maintenance cost for 5 years and easy service facility give this family car a position of authority in the segment.


3. Honda Amaze

This aesthetically designed compact sedan from Honda focuses on providing comfort, confidence and control. The aggressive exterior, imposing interior and the chiselled profile create an impressive niche for this car among Indian buyers. Its CVT diesel and 1.2L i-VTEC petrol power trains improvised with low friction technologies enhance its performance and capability. Its ready availability of services and the minimal maintenance cost of Rs 19,172 for 3 years offer complete peace of mind to its owners.

4.Ford Ecosport

This urban SUV is configured to transform every journey from ordinary to exciting. The turbocharged 1.0l Eco Boost petrol engine assuring fuel economy and power efficiently manages the trickiest road conditions safely. Even though its a sub-4-m compact SUV, still it is fun to drive with its amazing ergonomics and manoeuvrability. The maintenance cost is approximately Rs 30,525 for 6 years and the Ecosport is said to be a zero maintenance car with its reliable engine, market sustainability, low running cost, resistant spare parts and effective features.


5.Toyota Corolla Altis

Luxury saloon and one of the strongest players in the segment, the sporty Corolla is a dream car for most. It is said to have best-in-the-segment ground clearance, interior, durability and topping it all is low priced ownership. The approximate maintenance cost of this majestic car is Rs 16,868 for 2 years. To ensure excellence, cost effectiveness and gain exhilarating experience, Toyota directs regular servicing and upkeep so as to be a car par excellence.

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