The rapid progress in the Indian auto industry has not only resulted in hordes of new cars but also continuous technological improvement. Each day is a new day for the country’s automotive sector.


Features like keyless entry, heated seat, parking cameras, touch pad systems, smart steering, navigation system etc., viewed as luxury till a few years back, are now common in all cars. There are some technologies which can be real life-savers, and of course, there are age-old tools that are always kept handy by smart owners as life-saving devices.


Here is our list of 5 top life-saving tools that all cars must have.


Compact Jump Starter – In a country where most owners are heavily dependent on mechanics, unlike their western counterparts, this is a useful tool to invest in. If the car stalls or does not start after a halt, then a jump starter unit is handy. There is a variety of options available in the market today that are flexible, portable and at multiple price ranges. You can pick and choose the one best suited for your need.


GPS Tracker – This is a useful anti car theft device. It can track the vehicle’s movement and identify its location within 10 meters. The recorded information either can be stored for future use or transferred to another device with the help of a mobile SIM. A smart phone or any internet connected device can swiftly monitor the positioning of the stolen car. This small water proof gadget with low power consumption ability can be stacked anywhere inside the vehicle so as not to be disabled by a car-lifter. Car theft being a major issue in India, every car owner should have it to save him from heart breaking news.


Dashcam – This is a safety device which helps the driver in avoiding unnecessary insurance and police hassles in case of a mishap. This onboard camera can record the outside view from the car’s front windscreen and back or side windows. Some dashcams have cameras which can rotate 360 degrees and record the interior.  This device plays an important role in securing video proof in road accident, mob violence or any other unpleasant event. It can record incidents while parked and are able to send pictures and videos automatically.


Window smasher and Seat belt cutter – Accidents are inevitable and hence all the more reason to stay prepared for them. Getting trapped inside a locked car is life threatening. Inability to unclasp the seat belt is even more alarming. These situations need a calm mind and a well-equipped car, and hence the need to have tools handy that will help cut the seat belt and break open the windows. Many such types of emergency gadgets are available in market – both online and offline.


The Humble Flashlight – Last but not the least, an old-fashioned flashlight, with spare batteries, is a must in all cars. In case you get stuck in the dark, this can be used. Nowadays, the flashlight is a standard feature in all car emergency tools.


Besides these, of course, you could have a portable phone charger, a power bank, a first-aid kit and so on. So, before you embark on your next drive, do ensure you are well stocked to recover from any mishap!

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