In the past, buying a new car entailed must-haves such as mileage, power, comfort and value. These parameters are still important, but the dynamics have changed considerably.


Technologies in the personal transportation space are constantly evolving, with more consumers putting priority on automotive technologies during the shopping process. If you are looking to buy a new car, here are five essential technologies worth considering.


Vehicle Telematics

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With the help of telecommunication technology, telematics helps keep your system safe by collecting and sending the car’s vital data to a centralized management network. The vehicle features that are supported by telematics include navigation, communications, safety, and security among others. Simply put, this technology keeps you from getting lost; summons road assistance in event of a breakdown or accident and even offers remote vehicle shutdown if stolen.


Auto-Emergency Braking

The auto-industry has agreed to make this a standard feature by 2022; however, it is already available in many cars. The auto-braking feature uses sensors that allow cars to be brought to a complete halt without driver intervention. This effect is obviously based on the vehicle speed, with the system reducing the severity of impact at high speeds, and preventing collision below 30mph. A safety feature like this could save lives, and hence should be high on your priority list.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Given the congested urban landscape and the daily gruesome commute, advanced driver assist systems could make stop-and-go traffic less frustrating. Based on radar and sensor technologies, your vehicle will not only keep a safe distance from the one in front but will also match its speed, allowing you to come to a complete halt and resume automatically in heavy traffic.


USB Ports

Families today, have an equal number of smart devices which require constant battery top-ups. Before buying that car, make sure to check how many USB ports it has. Most cars today have at least two ports, but estimating how many you may actually need as well as ensuring that they are in convenient places (like in the back for family cars) will definitely keep the peace with kids.




Buying a ‘connected’ car implies having in-built wireless connections that allow remote unlocking or ignition as well as support for the anti-theft feature. Another feature is Bluetooth, which with the availability of smart-phone navigation, allows you to project the information onto the car’s in-dash display. In addition, your smartphone’s app like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, when connected and projected on the big screen can be more user-friendly than the manufacturer-provided infotainment system. Now you not only have easy access to your music and maps, but also the in-built voice control feature, allowing for hands-free texting and calling. Needless to say, keeping phone distractions to a bare minimum is safest while driving.


Many of these technologies are already part of most new cars and are quite affordable, too. Spending less time looking under the hood and more time in studying the new car’s tech options maybe the deal clincher.


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