Automatic transmission is no doubt a boon for the car industry, creating unimaginable convenience for drivers – professional or amateur. Especially advantageous for Indian driving and traffic conditions, AT cars are becoming more and more popular and affordable. However, those who are recent converts to AT vehicles commit some common mistakes and then have a hefty repair bill on their hands. Here is our list of the 5 biggest mistakes people make in automatic gearbox cars:


  1. Driving down a slope in Neutral Mode – Generally neutral is opted to save fuel but switching to ‘N’ while driving down a slope is precarious for the gearbox. It might result in cutting down the oil supply and preventing the transmission from acquiring decent lubrication, which might damage the gearbox. This might also hamper the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

 2. Sticking to Neutral at Traffic lights – This is done frequently by drivers to save fuel and shield the gearbox from damage. Shifting frequently between N and D is bad for the gearbox, hence it is wiser to apply brakes and maintain the transmission in Drive mode if the waiting time is less than 2 minutes.


 3. Launch control – Unlike manual transmission cars which enable the driver to have control over starting the car, automatic transmission cars are furnished with a launch control component. Usually, people newer to auto gears ignite the engine before changing the gear to ‘D’ mode causing shaky launch and damage to the engine as well as the gearbox. So, the driver should initiate an automatic transmission car by keeping the mode in Drive, lowering the brake pedal, accumulating speed and then moving up from the pedal when ready to launch.

4. Changing gears without stopping from D to R, R to D and P – Auto transmission technique utilises transmission band and clutches to shift gears. That’s why changing the direction mode from ‘D’ to ‘R’ or ‘R’ to ‘D’ needs to be considered after reaching to a halt or else one should be ready to face the consequence.


5. In parking mode of auto transmission – The car comes to a halt and is debarred from moving backward or forward if the gear is changed to ‘P’. So, one should be careful not to shift the gear while the car is in motion to avoid any unwanted outcome. It is always better to change the gear to ‘P’ mode when the car is static.

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